Flashback to past times demonstrates that agriculture and irrigation have always been the most common and sustainable vocation for huge no. of individuals around the globe for food, employment, and exports in return for foreign exchange.

In-spite of worldly modernization and invasion by multinational companies, various persons still go hungry owing to shortage and depletion of crops and improper water distribution and management. One of the most common causes of field exploitation is pests and weeds that harm and endanger the crops, along with insecticides and pesticides that hamper and deteriorate plant growth and sustainability.

Causes of poor agricultural output

Natural and man-made causes:

Massive technological advancements in farming which has made agriculture and farming a lot easier. Crops could yield more due to such development. However, due to:

  • global warming
  • poor water supply and sanitation
  • fluctuating climates
  • and disturbing weather forecast
  • endangerment by wild animals has halted agricultural growth and flourishment.

Many times, severe floods and field fires have devastated the fields of full-grown crops bringing in famine. It’s quite possible that any insect or pest might destroy the whole field, making them futile.

Economic and social causes:

Presently, the land has been captured from tenants are under the control of big landlords. Therefore, these poor tenants hand field workers have no filed to work upon. Fields go unattended and farmers become jobless, hampering livelihood and growth.

Usually, poor farmers and tenants are not provided with loans so they are unable to buy good fertilizers. Besides that, after the industrial revolution, many farmers switched from natural to synthetic and artificial fertilizers. These are quite expensive and unfit for the environment.

Whatever the food crops are produced they are sold at very high prices which a common man cannot afford to buy. Along with these irrationalities, seeds coming in are of poor quality which results in poor crops.

Together with all these insufficiencies, good quality crops, seeds, and food products are exported out. As a result of this, citizens are left with poor quality products.


The solution to the above detrimental setback is sustainable but time taking. First of all, the Government must put off all the exports if there is any sort of food depletion in the country. Farmers must take a u-turn and switch back to natural fertilizers. Furthermore, dams must be built to provide sufficient water for fields in case of droughts. Land should be properly distributed among tenants along with the provision of small interest-free loans. This will enable them to work in fields easily. The use of insecticides and pesticides should be abolished, building up some sustainable agricultural and irrigation reforms.

Agriculture is the basic developmental, commercial area of every country’s growth and economic sustainability, and if this asset suffers so does the country.

Author: Chanchal Maheshwari



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