While you are sanitizing & wiping everything down, be sure to wipe hatred out of your heart and lives. Because that’s a virus too.  How is your mental state at this moment when the world around facing so many issues? From killing humanity to animals by mistake or not, doesn’t really matter, does it?

Our understanding of the topics on social issues must be crystal clear and for that, we need to feed our brain with the right facts from a trusted source. So here we go!!

First of all, trust the right facts & give your audience the correct knowledge on social media, no matter who you are & where are you from.

Our understanding of social issues is the reaction of our education. So, this is the part of our education that all lives matter, and not just human lives.

Nowadays we are finding the hashtag of #blacklivesmatter, almost on every social media, we’re well known about the fact. But the question is, do you agree or not? There are two faces of every coin. “Black Lives Matter.” This statement signifies the fact that “only” black lives matter. However, all lives should matter equally and not only black or only white. This is the default of our society. Everywhere, we get to see light-skinned characters playing the “hero” part. Even our advertisement and marketing industry prefers a lighter skin colour for display.

“All Lives Matter”, the statement reaffirms the truth that should be followed. If you are ill, you should go to a doctor for treatment. Sitting back home and talking about it, will not cure your illness. Likewise, raising your voice against the wrong is never disrespectful. There comes a time when silence is betrayal. At this point, SILENCE IS NOT ALWAYS GOLDEN. Every life matter human or inhuman.

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Women’s Lives Matter
  • Migrants Lives Matter
  • Poor’s Life Matters
  • Animal’s Life Matters

Let’s be clear on this important message.

They said Black lives matter.

Do they ever say ONLY black lives matter? Intact they’re seeking help from us with #blacklivesmatter. Because black lives are in danger and in recent times, we can’t neglect that.  So, the ultimate truth is, this was the fault of media, they failed to hold the truth. But surprisingly we can’t ignore the fact that all lives matter in our society.

If you are tired of hearing about racism, imagine how tired people are who go through this.

After reading my article, I’m pretty sure that all of you must have thought what you will be reading on ahead, and it is not something that we as humans may be proud of today or it is not something that makes us choose between lives because #alllivesmatter

On the other hand, we all are sad after knowing the news when a pregnant elephant was killed. Did humanity die? Is humanity no more?

Many animals are being killed, many more trees are cutting down irresponsibly every day, many humans are being killed for political, religious, or personal issues. Still, you think we deserve to be called the best creature in this world?

How cruel are we!  Cruelty is now getting into our blood cells. For example, for earning more money we’re selling medicines, masks, foods, goods at a higher price. Instead, we should help each other in this great pandemic. It is clear that we’re being educated, though our mentalities aren’t changing. If you are treating others badly then no lives matter for you, for sure. You are equally worthless like those who think poor lives, black lives, woman lives don’t matter!!

Racism and hatred shouldn’t have a place in our lives and NOT on this earth period.

Anger & frustration comes from a place of self-doubt. Love yourself so that you can do good for yourself & others. Incomplete knowledge and irreverent execution of frustration on social media are of no use.

All lives are matter; each life is worth the same. So, we must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

It is high time, we should raise a voice against injustice. No one is destined to be poor, unlucky, or a failure. Every person is different and has a different contribution to make. No one is destined to fail. The greatest of someone is within him or her, we all have to take a step to become what we want by fighting out the greatness in us to reality.

So, let’s rebuild our minds with positive & kindness.

Let’s unite & promise to change ourselves by protecting our world, our lives, our nature.

Last but not the least, EVERY LIFE MATTER… EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!


lives Marjia Rashid


  1. It’s a good point that you have raised so far. The fact that “All lives matter” basically came from some radical white people who pretend to be modern in our society. Whenever the term “Black lives matter” come after a horrible incident of racism, they come up with their own version or “All lives matter” and try to divert people from the main issue. It is obviously a serious matter to live by that we need to have humanity and compassion in us. However, “All lives matter” should not come up beside the term “Black Lives Matter” because these two are completely different issue. Racism has been a huge problem in this society and it should fight it’s own battle as an individual.

    Good luck in your next write ups. Keep it up!

    • Thank you, basically black people never said that “Only black lives matter”, actually we are mistaking to understand the concept. Of course all lives matter, no more it’s a life of human or a animal ❤️

    • If you had read the Article carefully, you would have known the true fact←_←
      The Author already mentioned about those things earlier, you really didn’t need to write down again.
      Spread positivity girl, instead of spreading negativity😂😂


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