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Decades have passed, but we all haven’t experienced such a painful and tragic year in history ever. Today the humanity has no solutions to the ever ending problems that 2020 has given us and nearly by this we all have seemed to be pushed back to near about 5 years behind, trying to conquer the only challenge and that is “sustainable development.” It is because of this pandemic that we have experienced a loss of almost the world’s 50 percent of the glory and not just that, the war isn’t over here, it has left a never answering question mark on our future generations, and that is… Was this karma? Or Was this a world’s terror game plan?

To highlight the mournful series of events, this article is presented in a poem form to bring out the major impacts of 2020, that shook the World to a great extent. This article is based on a true day to day experiences to which almost all of you can relate… Drafted in a poem, this article will definitely make you smirk while going through certain real-life instances…

We all peacefully slept thinking a vision of a better tomorrow, but encountered a threat that made the upcoming months challenging and full of sorrow,

To Our surprise, We hardly knew that Namaste would replace foreign Hugs and sanitizers would rule.

An invader was threatening the borders of our land and disguised in a virus the devil was reaching at the peak of its plan.

I thought it won’t bother much ignoring it to be a temporary stand,

Nevertheless, The Haunting trauma had its roots firmed, and strong he stood within the region as planned.

Coronavirus was the name, couldn’t understand is it a bat’s spread or a deliberate Undercover scam.!

Wuhan the origin, China it’s headquarters, this company was manufacturing patients, day by day and ruining the World’s Calendar, 2020 to a mournful lament…

Seeing the media coverage day and night, our hearts sank, we knew it was huge, as it took away millions of lives at a chance.!

Wuhan, China, US Uk, all affected, Oh! what a plight,

The world’s dominant parties too couldn’t escape, Russia or Italy!

It was the time of a fresh new financial year, where all were geared up for another historic steer,

The virus here entered in each nation,

Without its permanent vaccination.

Ruled over the world,

spoiling gatherings, get-togethers, and clubs!

A complete shutdown for all,

An opportunity for our Mother Earth!

Likewise, animals in a zoo, we all hooked up, caged in within,

All around boundaries of Yellow, Purple, and Tint…

All locked and secured, with empty streets, but no one to roam.

Open malls but no one to shop! No late night blowing of horns!!

Peace inside and peace Outside, but What’s choking?


The complete shutdown and social distancing!!

Someone’s brother is stuck in some other place, millions of flights delayed!

Pity to my homeless vendors, hawkers, and peddlers,

Someone even today slept starving,

With a hope of a stable better tomorrow!

Grief to the ones deprived of jobs,

The entire merry seemed to be a Prolonged sorrow!

Who knew masks would be the latest trends, and who expected an appraisal for the sanitizers enterprises,

Life insurance was now a subject matter to quarantine days and “Stay at home” was the logo that prevailed!

Amidst all odds, some found their lost souls within,

Some found their once lost families and some explored the wanderer deep within.!

Some transformed their kitchen to Sanjeev Kapoor’s Masterchef kitchen, some transformed their own self though,

Reliving their lost passion, some gave their dreams online wings and the Mother Nature too, amidst all DID BREATHE.!!

Basically we all struggled with the three months of the halted time to pass somehow,

Crawling, moving, walking, we all wanted Lockdown days to say Fare-thee-well so…

The only ones who were never off duty were Our mothers at our homes,

Meeting to our day to day cuisines Similar to a Cafe owner Pro.!

Moving down the era of our epics, we lived our holy tales of Ramayan and Mahabharat,

And much honor to the national quarantine game “Online Ludo”.

For the first time, the traffic jam was within the four walls of our house,

Moving from one room to another searching for Wi-Fis and Signals.

Three months passed in the dilemma of worries and crises,

Heros emerged for the ones who were home deprived.

Corona warriors fought the battle mainstream, with proper kits, the saviors enrobed in white jackets, emerged supreme.

The khaki brown Cap holders, with begging, petitions, and extreme actions,

Channelized all Human inhabitation sections…

Nor the candlelight nor the beating of the plates could justify the escape,

The locust attack of course brought in additional disgrace!

Tireless efforts of day and night, toiling in with the patients, leaving themselves behind,

The Doctors and Nurses turned our Godfathers,

Whom today, Owing Salute, Thankful is the entire mankind.

Since the Scenarios were still not kind,

Another challenge was waiting behind.

“Work From Home”, because the things were still not fine…

In the hub-hub and confusion of the existing problems, one couldn’t find any other solution,

Damsel in distress, students, managers, teachers, and the entire nation.!

“Work from home”, the upcoming disastrous explosion.!

All came out from their “Little Eden”, fighting the “Online Satan”,

And regularly sometimes network, sometimes Wi-Fi,

Some existing priorities added to the commotion.

Education all spoiled, teachers no Chill,

Chalks and dusters turning to Google meet and Microsoft Teams!

Workers no Salary, double the work…

Some busy operating Ms. Dos, some needed regular assistance from their younger ones, and

Some of us cursing day and night,” Why don’t these computers have a permanent shut!”.

Work from home was a triggering beam,

All discovering their new Ninja Techniques.

The regular toiling of infinite pains, the ups, and downs,

This journey is of each one of our 2020, a merry go round…

PUBG banned TIK-TOK restricted, a war of fingers and control plains.

India-China mental disputes, the falling economy is a disgrace

Eight months would pass by healing and breaking every day,

Who knew we would have all the freedom, still longing for things to change.

Who wondered a day would we encounter,

Will visit our colleges daily, but within our laptop’s four borders.

Would attend our lectures daily putting our cameras off,

Who knew you would wake up only to mark your 75% attendance and then leave the phone Muted,

And would take a nap in the mid of the meetings, bluffing the boss, saying sorry ma’am, “My Video Paused”.

Who imagined multitasking to Zen next level…

With one hand all set For pendulums and vernaculars,

and others all equipped with knife and scoopers…

Who thought home exams would be so easy, just copy-paste would do…

And without studying it would be your cup of tea.!

Who knew we all would be wishing on that brightest star to pass by,

To turn the calendar to end the toxicity we’ve cried over…

Asteroids, pandemics, natural calamities, falling Sensex, and what not…

This year has made all possible eligibilities,

To be called the most heinous years of all…

Oh the Good Lord if you do exist,

Kindly listen to this plea,

Send the savior upon to close the circle of the black doors of insanity,

Karma or a game plan, I leave upon you to judge on your rationality,


We truly need to come back to normal, in the era of Simplicity.

We truly need to come back to normal, in the era of Simplicity.


This is what that we all have experienced over our initial pandemic days and some of us are still going through the regular labor and assiduous selfless service towards the society. I feel immense joy and honor in saluting to the ones who are working day and night struggling with their work, for the betterment of the people and the society at large. A great grand salute to all the ones who wake up daily tieing their shoelaces every day fighting the battles on virtual grounds and not only on virtual grounds but this article is a celebration for all those of us who are fighting all the Physical, Mental, and Technical challenges these days.

You all are worth the praise!

Trust me, the journey is long but the lessons learned are always a blessing.

Stay positive and we all shall overcome it…

But till then,

If you fall down or feel low due to any reasons, remember you are the reason behind the smile of your parents at this crucial time of pandemic! And you are doing great!

Keep going…!!


Sakshi Mishra Sakshi Mishra | Editor, LawTree Club


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