On May 27, a band of specialists from Singapore and local engineers had been called to check. They were to control the flow of natural gases from the well of PSO Oil India Limited (OIL). Which poses a threat to biodiversity, wildlife, and wetlands of the area. The possibility of fire had already been convincing the experts. Hence precautionary measures should have adhered too. However, the oil authorities examined that there will be no fatality or mortality. They instead ask people to stay calm as they thought that fire would not spread over from the gas well. The calmness among the people could not sustain for too long as fire broke out under the Baghjan oil field in Tinsukia district on Tuesday afternoon. The flames were evident from more than 2 kilometres.

The press release after the incident

After the mishap, the Baghjan Oil Field authority has had a press release stating that the team of experts from Singapore Alert Disaster Controlled by Michael Ernest Allcorn had their discussion and briefing and now they are ready to set their first plan of action to curb the enormous fire off. The press release also stated the experience of the team from Singapore, claiming that they have handled over thousands of blowouts in around 135 countries.

Actions by the government.

Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sanowal tried to seek help from the Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and contacted Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to seek aid from Indian Air Force to douse the conflagration.

The Prime Minister on Wednesday guaranteed the Chief Minister of Assam that all possible reinforcement will be provided to the victims of the massive fire that is occurring uncontrollably for approximately 15 days.

Impact on the lives of people

Till now two people who were working with Oil India Limited as an assistant operator are killed while they were trying to handle the fire. They are identified as Durlov Gogoi and Tikheswar Gohain. Moreover, four others have succumbed to fatal injuries. Among them, two are the workers of OIL. One was the employee of ONGC and one was the contractor. Authorities and locals rushed them to hospitals.

An official confirmed that there are a number of houses, vehicles, gardens, forest areas that have now been turned into ashes. Some sources say that after the fire broke out the workers of OIL had to face violent protests from the locals.

Strategies and Plan of action.

Authority has tried all possible strategies and plans of action to curb the uncontrollable fire from more devastation. The area where the fire broke out has rare species colonized nearby like carcass dolphins in Gangetic areas. One kilometre from the area of the incident has a state-owned sanctuary Saikhowa National park. A biodiverse area for migratory birds. Since then, the pictures of wildlife in that area are all over social media.

Authority has set up twelve relief, arrangements for food and basic needs camps for the evacuated people. Some sources say that there are more than 2000 people that have been affected. Till now forty-five environmentalists are working to handle the consequences of the disaster. The actual reason for the disaster is unknown.


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