Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Sexual Harassment at Workplace | POSH Act

Men are no longer the only breadwinners of the family because women are now also in the race. Globalization has changed a lot for...

Dear Elephant | Human are no longer being human

On 3rd June 2020, the fauna became the witness of the inhumane activity. The injustice to nature by nature's not only wisest but also...

Religion and Education | The building blocks of society

“The foundation of education is to be laid in religion as education without religion has no...

Colour of my thoughts

I believe that ‘human minds and souls are better portrayed with the help of colours.’ The colours...

Patriarchy | World of woMEN

Patriarchy, a deep-rooted social issue on which we still have to fight, even after 69 years of Democracy which needs to be solved.

Shushhh… | Fake News is a bigger virus.

What actually is fake news?  We tend to think of all the social media posts which are full of wonderful and questionable stories. The...