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lgbtq rights

LGBTQ Rights in India

Introduction Making a place in our society has been a challenge for a long period now. The only change that we can see now is...
capital punishment

Critical analysis of Capital Punishment in India

Introduction Justice A.P. Shah in an interview with TOI in 2012 said, “India should join the Nations abolishing Death Sentence.” Since then through various legislations...

Suicide and its legal provisions in India

Introduction Our religions do speak of suicide as sinful and evil in nature. According to the Islamic culture, the fate of those who die of...
sex crimes

Sex Crimes and Related Laws | The United States of America

INTRODUCTION Sex Crimes are categorized as offenses that come into existence as a result of violence during the sexual act, when there is no consent...
child abuse

Child Abuse

Introduction: India is home to over 35.3% of the younger age, between 0-14 years, of the world population. As Jawaharlal Nehru once told, “Children are...
women empowerment

Women Empowerment laws in India

Introduction Women Empowerment is making women independent and powerful in every aspect of life. It refers to bringing equality in the social order where both...
gender discrimination

Gender Discrimination in India

  Introduction The manifested meaning of gender discrimination is a bias towards one particular gender but India is a perfect place where this meaning is proved...
capital punishment

Critical Analysis of Capital Punishment in India

Introduction “For centuries the death penalties, often accompanied by the barbarous refinements, has been trying to hold crime in check; yet crime persists” —Albert Camus The...


INTRODUCTION Suicide, an act by which one takes their own life is one of the major and leading causes of death. A human being in...
religious laws

Religious Laws and Crimes in developing and developed nations

INTRODUCTION India is a diverse nation which has its citizen practicing different religion and belonging to a variety of caste and class. Secularism which means...