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We worship cows as mothers, but what about the sisters?

In a country like India where the safety of cows is more important than the safety of girls. How can girls feel safe? Uttar Pradesh...

Speak for those who cannot!

Nature created a man on a higher level of knowledge and efficiency. Nature has granted a man with the power of thinking, changing, and...

Human Rights violation in today’s world

"The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened." Even in the 21st century when we live in a...
stringency index

Analysis: Government Response Stringency Index

Introduction: Index is released by Oxford University (news) The Government Response Stringency Index is a tool to trace and compare policies of governments tackling the...
human rights

Human Rights : A legal point of view

Humans have a core or pure essence of heart since from the time of their birth. They focus and trigger values, etiquette, priorities but...

True beauty is cruelty free | Protect Animals

Animal Cruelty in Pakistan Pakistan, being a developing country, is facing colossal problems. These problems come in the form of political unrest, collapsing economy, religious...

Racial Injustice | Was colour taught to us the right way?

Before I just begin expressing my views and opinions in this context, I guess many of the readers might have understood what the content...
george floyd

Everyone says that, they really don’t care about us

  "George Floyd: I can’t breathe…” So, can't I, when this world has become so suffocating because of some people practising prejudices, discriminations, cruelty, immorality &...

The Insight – Justice delayed is justice denied

  "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" Putting forth this view, the potency of the fact remains questionable. The largest democracy in the world makes it uneasy...
gas leak

Visakhapatnam Gas Leak Case: The legal implications

  On May 7, 2020, around 3 to 4 a.m., a pungent smell spread across the area, R.R. Venkatapuram. Its a village near Gopalpatnam It...