I was sitting down in front of a white paper, my fingers playfully fiddling with a pen. Waiting for the blue ink to find its place on the paper through my inner thoughts. As I gradually closed my eyes, a coal-black blanket completely wrapped my eyes for a second. It stealthily made its way for a pristine white aura. White, being a mixture of all colours slowly started to deconstruct itself, into a myriad of colours in the forms of exquisite patterns of all shapes and sizes. Each one moulding into a new one with an entirely different colour every moment. Feeling mesmerized, I opened my eyes. And, felt the milky white paper has actually transformed into a colour feast, in different shapes and forms. Finally, I smiled as my thoughts were on the paper.

-From the daily chronicles of a blind woman’s diary

Baby Steps into the arms of the mother.


MOTHER. This six-letter word ushers each one around, no matter what species one belongs to. Into a world of myriad thoughts, as a woman prepares herself to embark into the journey of Motherhood. She slowly transforms herself into a protector, provider, comforter as well as a listener and a philosopher. Ready to stumble at every obstacle, she faces, with an ever-soothing smile.

Ma…Mummy…Mom…Mamma… and many names in different dialects & languages. Which she yearns to be fondly called to, by not only those offspring may have been nourished by her own blood and taken care of, in her womb. But also, those, whom she picks up to caress or the little baby whose fingers are tightly wrapped around hers. With a unique feeling of overwhelming trust.

I believe, the tiny unsure baby steps may have changed into bold strides of a confident soul, yet it still needs to follow the shadow of another soul, whom it calls its mother and also happily surrenders, with folded hands, in front of the Mighty Goddess, who is hailed by the Universe.

As the ‘Mother of all’.

Writeup by: Sonia Dhar

Art By: Priyanjali Dutta



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