Whenever a heavenly disaster comes, this debate begins that it is a punishment or a test? On 31st December 2019, a plague coronavirus starts from china which slowly became the form of infectious disease. Man is afraid of human beings. Tourist places, factories, shops, and cities are presenting the view of the ruined garden. I don’t think I can guess whether it is a test or punishment because it is the heavenly disaster and only Lord of the world knows. But if you look at the history, then it will be known that the only reason for the downfall of the nations was to be in disobedience of God. When the people of Noah denied him. God makes them a sign forever through rain and storm.

In the same way, the nation of Hood when denied him, Allah destroyed the whole nation through the wind. One thing is clear from all these incidents that Allah has sent a messenger for guidance despite the disobedience of all nations. But when the nations denied them, the punishment of God revealed to them. If we talk about corona then different people have different opinions. According to someone, it is a test, while some think that it is a punishment. Some think that it is a test for believers and punishment for Non-Muslims. I am very sorry to say that many religious personalities on the situation of corona tell that all non-Muslim countries who were very proud of their power, who used to consider themselves a lot. This small virus has piled their power but the question is who we are to judge the righteous ones?

Indeed, God is the creator of all mankind. God has given respite to repentance till the last breath. Maybe more non-Muslims get a lesson from this plague. Non-Muslims don’t know about good or bad deeds. We are Muslims. The teachings of the Quran are a bright lamp for us then why there are lies, backbiting, murder, injustice, selfishness, pornography, obscenity, indecency in our society. This is all due to the distance from the Quran and its commandments. There was a time when Muslims were living a prosperous life by following the Quran and non-Muslims used to be jealous of us. Today the reason for our downfall is the distance from the Quran and Allah. We are blinds, deaf, and dumb while we have eyes ears and tongue. So, we need to account for ourselves before pointing someone.

Corona is a collective test for the whole nation which can take the form of punishment, so don’t consider a difficult time as punishment for anyone before the day of judgment. God loves us more than seventy mothers. He doesn’t want to test his servants. God wants the sinners to ask for forgiveness from him. Hold the rope of faith tightly. If this infectious disease is the cause of negligence instead of obedience then it is a sign of warning and the Grip of Allah. Allah doesn’t give more respite to the society of oppression; indeed, the grip of Allah is very severe so instead of thinking whether it is a test or punishment and why did God send it down. We have to get rid of our sins. We have to satisfy Allah with the accuracy of our actions.

May Allah bless us to follow the teachings of God and the Prophet (P.B.U.H). May God forgive us. Show us the straight path. Add us to a list of his righteous servants and have mercy upon us. Ameen. Sum Ameen.

Oh! Lord of the world.

Author: Saba Rafique



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