COVID is not about missing on time, it’s about making most of the time that’s left. It’s not about social distancing. In fact, it has brought us close to our family, we regained the time that we missed due to busy schedules, different priorities, and workload.

Impact of COVID-19 on one’s daily life

It brought all stages and aspects of life on a single forum, that world and life are uncertain along with being unexpectable. It led the poor and rich, merit and demerit, sick and healthy, with workers together with jobless persons on the same page. All are frightened about the next moment, though each one of us is fighting their battles. This time, in fact, rich can’t buy some drugs and medical assets though having huge sums of money and poor can’t afford that as well. The differences have reduced a lot, brought forth humanity and empathy among us. Taught us that each life and each moment of time matters. Never take anything for granted and be selfless.

It ultimately forced us to rejoin our long lost hobbies due to sheer boredom. The girls who hated stepping in the kitchen now have become good cooks. People have started painting, writing, reading, cooking along with baking, gardening, yoga, and whatnot.

Economic Impact of COVID-19

As a matter of fact, the importance of money has immensely reduced; rich and poor are fighting on similar grounds to save lives. Most of the persons became jobless, businesses suffered, the economy dropped but still, people are together, helping each other during these difficult times via donations, rations, provision of masks, and gloves.

Each one of us felt trapped, wanted to go out again, felt like enclosed in a cage, in a house that we built out of sheer money, a house which depresses us. We all are looking forward to going out after lockdown gets over and again our home will just become a house, four-walled safes without any memories, our cheerful laughter’s echoing against the walls.

Final Thoughts

The COVID, in a way, was environmental detoxification as the pollution, traffic noises declined to utmost, ozone layer healed substantially by 70%. Moreover, animals came out of their cages, everything around us moved to betterment. The environment flourished and the sights became more cheerful, lanes became peaceful.

It had been good to my family, as before the corona outbreak I don’t remember when did our family had dinner together or spent quality time with each other.

I understand it’s very detrimental and exhausting along with the birth of depression among people around, a life taking pandemic but we have to face it no matter what, and it’s a reality, therefore, it’s better to fight it, keep the spirits high and make most of your time as apart from precautions and social distancing nothing can be done at our hands.

Author: Chanchal Maheshwari


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