In a country like India where the safety of cows is more important than the safety of girls. How can girls feel safe?

Uttar Pradesh cabinet under the guidance of C.M. Sri Yogi Adityanath approved the Prevention of Cow Slaughter (Amendment) ordinance 2020. Whereby if any new case of cows slaughter comes up, the accused will be punished with 10 years. Also imprisonment and penalty up to 10 lakhs. It’s a good step for protecting cow against the cruelty.

The government machinery functions with rapidity when such cases come up. However, it seems that speed decreases when it comes to working for the safety of girls.

The Nirbhaya case

Nirbhaya’s case is a pathetic example in which the Supreme Court took 3 years to give the final verdict. The first hearing took place on March 15, 2014, and the final verdict was given on May 5, 2017. After the final verdict, it again took 3 years because they kept on asking for a presidential pardon, and to the utmost regret procedure of Indian law is very time consuming and is not time-barred. “Justice delayed is justice denied”.

Don’t these leaders feel ashamed of themselves? Sadly, they don’t. India is a country where women are worshipped from times immemorial It is also the country that is considered dangerous for an increasing number of cases of violence against women.

Some believe the reason of troubles for a girl is her dressing sense. I feel the way society thinks is the problem.

An increasing number of rape cases, sexual assault, domestic violence, eve-teasing, and society asks girls to keep silent in the name of self-respect and family pride. Why not tell openly that you have been sexually harassed? It is never the fault of the victim. The basic training which society gives to girls is not to wear shorts because boys will stare, my question is why not tell boys to behave themselves?

As a government, you are trying to save the animals. However, one should not forget their own child, the daughters of this nation. Sometimes animals get better treatments in our country.

Today as a girl I ask, is the safety of girls nothing?

The scenario can change in the future. Only if such an act results in strong action against the convicts.


cows Ishita Pandey


  1. Very well written!! Can totally understand the emotions behind it. It’s good to make laws for animals and implementing it but it’s also of the utmost importance to treat girls and crime against women with the same or maybe greater conviction. Nirbhaya is a very nice example, it took years and then justice was delivered. It’s very important that all the living beings are treated with compassion and respect.

  2. The writer of this article is a secular fool . He/she writes it as security of sisters are connected and threatened due to worship or security of cows.

  3. Hi very well analysed article ishita , but the important thing to point out is comparison between two non similar things & domain
    I can only suggest you for some other better headline for this beautifully written article
    Conservation & protection of both cows & womes are necessary & while comparing from indian point of view none of them is less important


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