Cyber Space is an undefined space and is akin to venturing into an adventure. We don’t know who all will save the picture we uploaded on social media sites keeping in mind that only our friends would see it, we don’t know who screenshots our comments and spreads it elsewhere over the internet, we don’t know where the data we posted is saved in which server in which part of the world. Further, we agree to the social media sites that we, give our consent for them to use our data for marketing purposes, basically, we ourselves are voluntarily selling our data be it our pictures, documents, or our ideas.

The advent of the internet is a boon as well as a bane. It connects us to people thousands of kilometres away through a virtual space seeing each other’s face through a video call and now in this COVID-19 Pandemic Era, through meeting applications, we are able to host live meetings. It is a bane because we don’t know how our data will be protected in the borderless jurisdiction.

The presence of Cybercriminals

Furthermore, cyberspace contains cybercriminals. Who extort and hold data in exchange for ransom (ransomware). They make use of our personal information posted somewhere on the internet for malicious / hate purposes. And we may be getting unsolicited calls, messages, and even threats. Internet banking frauds have taken the spotlight now. And traditional banking crimes like attacking the bank branches have diminished.

As we advance technologically, unless firewalls are in place, the malicious hackers would hack our sensitive data. And then will siphon off our hard-earned money. Last but not the least, the internet or cyber world is the place where our current generation spends most of its time in posting social media posts and browsing the internet.

Though it’s inevitable and has become a part and parcel of our daily lives. We must ensure we take adequate care and exercise caution before posting pictures online on social media sites. As it can be downloaded and saved by anyone in any part of the world within seconds of us uploading it. And once uploaded it always remains in cyberspace even if we delete it.

Cybercriminals may morph the pictures of women and misuse them. Hence, women should be even more careful when they upload their pictures on social media websites. With due precautions, we can use the cyberspace for the betterment of communication and stay connected with our loved ones even across the globe thousands of miles away!

Legal Aspects in Cyber Space: Indian Law

In India, we don’t have any law that defines what a cybercrime. However, we have the Information Technology Act, 2000 amended in 2008 which we use as the law to deal with cybercrime issues. The Indian Penal Code, 1860, The Indian Evidence Act, 1872, the Bankers Book of Evidence Act, 1891 and the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 are relevant statutes that have been amended post the Information Technology Act, 2000 to admit Digital Evidence in the Courts of Law and acknowledge Digital Monetary Transactions.

Though we have these legislations in place, we do not have a robust mechanism or technical know-how. Despite this, like advanced nations to deal with cyber crimes and cybercriminals and their modus operandi which keeps changing from time to time. So, we must exercise caution while using a Computer and use it for our betterment and not for the detriment of society. Stay Safe while Surfing the Internet!


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  1. As our prof said ur article now clearly made me understand about the cyber space a little more good in a way.keep writing more on this topic that will help u further more in your career aspects.


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