Depression is not an ailment it’s a psychological boundness that doesn’t allow you to open up. People suffering from depression describe it as a black hole with emptiness. It’s a feeling of unhappiness, unwantedness, loneliness when everything seems too hard, feels like the world is against you also you are unworthy of anything. Depression is just like cancer, kills you from inside, each cell of the body is longing to talk, to unfold your hidden story but your mouth can’t utter a word.

About depression:

It’s like you are enclosed in a cage, your mind faints. Nothing around you seems right. Not a single thing on earth makes you happy.  It’s anxiety in addition to insecurities that’s killing you deep down. Depression is a real thing happening to many of us, nonetheless, we aren’t aware of it or don’t prioritize it as much as physical wellbeing. We only recognize it when a person dies due to it, but not before that. It’s not contagious as we seem to be afraid to even talk about it or acknowledge it. It’s not embarrassing moreover, it’s okay if you are unhappy or depressed, take your time to heal but remember nothing is impossible. However, just a wise thought, never let it take over your conscience.

Depression isn’t quiet, it’s loud enough for everyone to hear if you want to. The depressed soul isn’t a victim, actually, he/she is not sure if he/she would be happy again. The person has lost hope, consequently, each progressing day becomes dead from inside.

What should you do for a depressed individual?

Many of us tell the depressed individuals that why didn’t you come up to me, sending texts or posts mentioning that I am always there for you, just a text away but you are so much immersed in your happy world, luxuries and fame that instead of being a carefree supporting shoulder you make him even more insecure about his mental status. You all start calling him stupid, mentally disabled though you are never there for them wholeheartedly when they need you. Instead of listening, you keep on sharing about your happy life, regarding your successful deals, happy marriage and kids, about your new bungalow or a car while the poor person listens to you, head bowed down, tears filling up his eyes. If you are here for him to increase his pain than its better for him to be alone.

When does one become depressed?

Many of us wonder when did he become depressed, why didn’t he tell us. It all started to happen; with him starting therapies, albeit he stopped going out, lost appetite, interest burnt out in everything, became lethargic, and of course aimless and unsettled, he didn’t talk for days, always faking a smile whenever asked about his wellbeing.

Being locked up in his room, when he started having nightmares, when he used to wake up at night at a small sound, when he used to stare at things for a long time, when his eyes wanted to talk but he never spoke, whenever he dialed your number but cut it off before you pick it up, at times when he cried at phone calls when he hugged you tightly the last time you saw him, by the time he stopped sharing things with friends, soon enough he became so unhappy that he was forced to take sleeping pills even to sleep.

Final Thoughts

Depression, how did it begin? It all started with trolls, us pointing at anybody’s flaws which he himself is clearly aware of, belittling people around you since we are insecure so why not bring insecurities to someone else’s life. We are never happy and don’t let others be.

I know survival is not a piece of cake in these days, it ultimately forces you to end your life yet, before doing so just remember your mother’s smiling face, your father’s pride, your sibling’s fights and all the love that you receive from people around you, always try to outweigh positives over negatives and try to be a brave soul. Just remember God gave your life to live it, not to take it by yourself.


Author: Chanchal Maheshwari


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