domestic violence


Domestic Violence is both a social and legal concept that refers to any physical, mental, financial, emotional, or sexual abuse between the partners who share the same household and live under one roof. It basically denotes violence against women by the men who live with them in the form of assault, marital rape, harassing them, threatening them, and in many more ways. Even some men are victims of domestic violence caused by women to them. The victim can be either a male or female getting abused by their respective partners and even their family members.  Domestic violence is basically caused by stress, some financial issues, poverty, domination, or dowry in the case of women.

In this era of modernization, westernization, and globalization where we deem to adopt the modern culture, we still lack behind in many fields, and giving dignity and respect to women is one of them. Domestic violence is not only seen in rural households but also in urban households where the major population is literate. Even in metropolitan cities, many women not only face it by their partners but also their family members. Dowry is a major example which promotes domestic violence in developing nation like India where poverty is at a major height with illiteracy and overpopulation.

Marital Rape

Marital rape is caused by many men as they think that marriage is a license to fulfill their sexual favors and it does not amount to rape. Even after having laws in the nation for domestic violence, women face it in their household every day and are quiet about it. This will only promote the heinous crimes caused by men as they think that they can harass women and they won’t even raise voice for the same.

Women are expected to remain quiet according to the mindset of society that if she’s subjected to any crime she will not raise voice against family in order to protect their dignity in this society. Women are not even supported by their own parents in many cases as they say in order to make a family you have to tolerate some violence by husband and his family members and get suppressed to remain happy in a long life. In this era of patriarchal society, men think that they are free to do anything to their wedlock and won’t even be subjected to any punishment as women allow them to harass them by letting them go free.

Dowry as a cause of domestic violence

Dowry is also a major cause of domestic violence that if women and her family do not pay her wedlock and their family members a specific amount or maybe bring some expensive items like jewelry, electronics, or maybe an apartment cause he married her she’s subjected to domestic violence. It can be in a form of assaulting her, not giving her proper meals, or a healthy environment to live. There are laws for the same but many women do not raise voice against her wedlock in fear of losing her marriage or sense of humiliation by members of society.

Men are even subjected to domestic violence by women as women want to dominate them or take undue advantage of men in this patriarchal society thinking that no one will believe a man being victim due to privileges a woman has which are guaranteed by the legal system. Some women even threaten to harass the family members of men or cause violence to them in order to acquire their property.  Some women take undue advantage of the law and at times file a false FIR against her wedlock and his family members in order to suppress them and get their needs and demands fulfilled.

Final Thoughts

Domestic violence has nowhere declined rather than only increased even in this pandemic situation. Even after having laws and acts enforced in the country women are still victims in most cases as they don’t seek the help of the legal system and the men think they can go to any extent in order to get their favors satisfied.

Some women who raise voices against domestic violence are suppressed by society or even by her own family members at times. Women have to become stronger in this patriarchal society in order to have equal treatment, self-respect, and dignity and not to be a victim of domestic violence anymore. They are given so many privileges by the legal system that if they try to curb this problem and fight for themselves no man will ever be able to think of causing domestic violence and suppressing women. Women would be again treated as Goddess Of Nation and Mother India would again be proud of its men.


Snigdha Singhi Snigdha Singhi | Amity Law School, Noida


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