On 3rd June 2020, the fauna became the witness of the inhumane activity. The injustice to nature by nature’s not only wisest but also wildest creations. A pregnant elephant in Kerala was given a pineapple loaded with bombs to satisfy her hunger. It exploded inside her body thereby damaging her jaws and the little baby elephant. Such brutalities, that caused shame to the entire mankind!

Again, one such incident that moved the hearts of millions and left us unanswered to one such question. Are we really humans?

This insensitivity has shaken the people from within. The elephant was so much in pain, that in a panic she ran towards the river to cool down herself. But, she escaped to the eternal paradise after three days. Nothing could have been more unjust to the innocent little dumb creature, who couldn’t understand the Camouflaged threat in the form of a pineapple.

However, in conclusion, I would like to add that maybe animals are less wild and humans are less human.


elephant Sakshi Mishra | Editor


  1. human”, may be true but pls refer to forest department report of uk . The news media publishing elephants death report is against forest department probe kindly correct it ✅✅✅

    • My dear friend… Thankyou for sharing this piece of information with all of us. It seems that you are a keen reader and well informed too! You should definately stay tuned to our website for more informative content.
      And now as far as the article is concerned, the article was written with the motive to make people aware about the incident which happened in Kerela. The article was written with the view to inform people about the incident and nowhere in the article have I used sentences, phrases or any words that violate the rules and the norms of any department for that matter..!
      Thankyou for taking interest in the article!
      Keep reading..!!


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