Depression is primarily the disorder of the mental state of an individual that causes mood swings and feelings of loss. Nowadays, this is the most common illness faced by people everywhere. The condition in which people feel low and depressed causes big changes in one’s life. These changes affect human life to a greater extent that will lead to mental sickness and sometimes physical illness too. It is difficult to analyze whether one is depressor not. The people who look happy and energetic could also be depressed from the inner side.

There are a number of people exist who are suffering from depression but do not show their actual condition in front of people. It is very important for everyone to take care of their own brain and avoid mental stress otherwise it can cause terrific future effects. Fighting depression is not as easy as it seems. One has to be much focused and should have strong will power to release the stress and leave negativity behind. People all over the world are struggling in their personal and professional life due to depression.

Effects of Depression on an individual

The fact of the depression is that it shook the existence of the individual from inside to that level that one begins to lose interest in life. Plenty of suicidal cases occur due to the mental sickness called depression. Not only the common man but also many celebrities and powerful people end their lives when they suffer from anxiety and disquiet mental condition. Recently, a renowned and talented film star Sushant Singh Rajput ended his life due to the depression effects. This news is very heartbreaking for everyone as one had never expected this even in the dream. In this manner, it can be said that it is not easy to deal with depression until one has a strong determination to win over it.

Ways to live a healthy life

It is very essential for every individual to make their brain health along with physical fitness. The one with a healthy body or physical fitness is not always fit from the mind. Further, it is impossible to judge someone whether he or she is mentally stable or depressed. The brain is an important part of our body and it is one’s responsibility to take care of it. It completely depends on an individual what thoughts they will accept and the mind will work accordingly. Therefore it is very necessary to focus on the positive aspects of each and every condition. There are so many struggles in every person’s life but the reaction of one’s to the unfavorable condition is actually matters.

Meditation is the best option for people to fight with undesired thoughts and depression. Mediation is a preeminent way to keep depression away and to deal with anxiety. This does not only provide hope against anxiety but also give confidence to the person that they can balance their emotion and thoughts. Apart from this, other medications for depression include psychotherapy, light therapy, alternative therapy, exercises, avoidance of alcohol, and other narcotics. It will aid in bringing a person’s mental state to the normal from the interrupted one.

Causes of Depression

People need to understand any problem in their life is not as big as their own life. The negative situations are not so strong that one should think about ending their own life. People afraid to consult a psychiatrist as they think the doctor will declare them maniac or people will make fun of them. It is not the way to deal with depression as it can enhance the illness and will lead to lethal effects on human life. One needs to understand that depression is normally a disease as the other ones and there is no harm to consult with the psychiatrist.

A loss of a loved one or separation from the precious person is the most communal cause of depression among the people. This separation can impact the mental and physical health of the person to a higher level. Which is important to take care within the right time. A huge variety of symptoms is experienced by patients of depression. That primarily affects the mood and body of individuals. Inconsistency in sleeping patterns, anger, restlessness, hopelessness, sadness, lack of interest in ongoing activities, delay in response, lack of concentration, irritability, lack of sexual desire are various symptoms of depression which commonly seemed in people based on their age and gender.

Ignorance to possible symptoms is harmful

Ignorance of the syndrome can cause an increase in mental illness that will be difficult to hand out at an extreme stage. Depression is not the result of any particular action or problem but it is a complex disease that happened due to the multiple factors to which one’s mind is sensitive. It can be some emotional aspect of a person’s life as well as a biological one. Any significant and negative life event can disturb the mental health of someone and can lead to anxiety, fear, or depression.


For the people, it is vital to strengthen the brain along with the physical fitness for their own well-being. Daily exercises and meditation are the two most effective methods. They can increase the will power of an individual. And provide the strength to deal with any circumstances. It is beneficial for our society to adopt meditation or yoga on a regular basis in order to avoid any kind of depression or instability. It does not only strengthens the person’s inner power and control but also will decrease the rate of suicidal cases that occur due to the depression.

Author: Muskan Madan


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