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The manifested meaning of gender discrimination is a bias towards one particular gender but India is a perfect place where this meaning is proved correct in each and every aspect as here the discrimination occurs towards all the genders. In India, discrimination occurs towards all the genders equally and ironically it does not justifies Article 14 of the Indian Constitution which talks about gender equality. Every action of society in general involves discrimination in nearly all aspects.

Discrimination towards all the genders in India has been creating havoc for ages but now it is at its peak ruining the lives of thousands. The current scenario has shown us how this discrimination was just a speck earlier and in no time it became venomous for the entire crowd. So now is the actual time where –

People need to fight for their own freedom, to rule their own future kingdom!”

Current Scenario

The need of the hour is to make a change in the mindset of society and destroy the prejudices that damage the future of all the genders in India. There are many problems due to “Gender Discrimination in India” but we’ll start with those problems that are actually contributing to the maintenance of this prevailing mediocrity and have just lost its sight from the generation’s eyes. (Furtado,2015)

Nearly everyone follows the concept of “ladies first”, so following the trend, we will first start with the discrimination faced by the females in India. For females, this discrimination starts even when they are not born which is the concept of female foeticide. Although currently this is stopped but still in some parts of India it is still being carried out.

Gender discrimination towards girls doesn’t simply prevent them from being born but it may also precipitate the death of those who are born.”, wrote the study’s co-researcher Christophe Guilmoto in the Lancet Medical Journal. (CNN,2018)

Gender Inequalities

Every Indian citizen has the right to life but that does not go fair and just for females due to the concept of female foeticide. According to the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, a scientific institute in Austria said “Around 22% of the overall mortality burden of females under five is therefore due to gender biases.” Society needs to have a neutral mindset to accept the girl child not as a burden but as a blessing and with the same happiness with which they accept the male child then only this act could be stopped.

  • Unequal rights for education and employment opportunities

Generally, in rural areas, girls are not educated much or maximum they provide them with basic education only as they believe in the concept that girls are meant only for the household activities. The sick mindset is the cause that they are deprived of education and as a result of which they are forced to live a life of dependency.

In the job sector, the bias is at its peak for the same job position, with the same qualification requirement and same working hours men receive more wages as compared to females. Mostly females are the ones who are paid fewer wages always and no logical justification has ever been given for this bias as its just an act to make the females feel inferior every time when they want to grow and rise. The mentality that the wonderous work of females would be a question for men’s dignity is the root cause of this bias in the employment sector.

  • The ungiven right to the society for giving character certificate to all the females for their independent life actions!

The most easiest and fun task for a society is to assassinate a women’s character and question upon their dignity. The most alluring fact is that society doesn’t have any relation with the women in particular whom they are assassinating. Losing virginity for females before marriage and divorce after marriage is still questionable for them. The most awaited tag of ‘characterless’ is to be assigned to them. However, for men, it has never been a matter of discussion. Rather in terms of equality, it should be questionable for both.

Short dress, night-outs, outings with boys, alcohol consumption, smoking all these factors helps in assigning the tag of characterless to females or a woman of no dignity at all. If a man does all these things then society and families both generally give them a chance to repair their mistake and lead a normal life without anyone judging them. But these humble reactions for females on their mistakes are just an illusion as in reality, it doesn’t exist.

It is very easy for the people around us to assassinate the character of females. However, it is not at all easy for females to accept it as it creates a mental pressure upon them. And leads to an emotional breakdown frequently. This is somewhere or the other an undiscussed form of torture happening openly with a wider ambit.

  • In the country of democracy, females are leading a life of being under dictatorship – “PATRIARCHY”

The practice of males being the dominant one every time has still not abolished. Females always had reduced autonomy and independence in terms of decision making. They have always been the one who has been following men, seeking permission for every action, and also not having the right to speak up.

Patriarchy is in the roots of the Indian society and matriarchy not even as leaves it only exists as buds which are also poisoned to death before it grows. Some parts of India do have the existence of matriarchy but not completely. Females have always proved themselves to be good leaders but still are not trusted. Thus, their hard work goes in vain. Due to this patriarchy, women have even been forced to follow up on the concept of parda and pallo as a symbol of decency.

If matriarchy cannot be accepted completely then patriarchy should also be abolished and boycotted. Being on a gender-neutral side, a mixed form of a hierarchy of authority should come up. It should give equal weightage to the decisions of both males and females. This would lead to the start of equality towards all the genders.

  • The ongoing race of survival of the fittest – Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence includes emotional, mental, physical, and economic distortion of a person. 16% of women reported experiencing a physical form of violence, 25% of sexual form, 52% of psychological form, and 56% of other forms of domestic violence. (Times of India,2019)

Amidst all these violence the one who survives is the one who wins. Mental torture towards females is increasing day-by-day. A large section of financially stabled women is also the victim of domestic violence in different forms. However, they could not reach for help thinking this help could hamper their reputation and career. So, they prefer to keep quiet and suffer instead of taking action against these acts.

The most undiscussed concept of “Marital rape” is one of the major cause of destroying the lives of females. Just by adding the word ‘marital’ before rape doesn’t mean that it’s not a crime. It is a crime as marriage doesn’t give any right to men to have unconsented intercourse with their wives. These acts also damage some organs of females which can never be repaired. Marital Rape should be punishable in India as it is the need of the hour. And, the damage which it causes to a female’s body is the loss and suffering of a female all alone.

Though the Indian Constitution provides equal rights and privileges for men and women. It also makes equal provision to improve the status of women in society. However, the majority of women are still unable to enjoy the rights and opportunities guaranteed to them. This is seen as most of them are unaware of these rights. And, the rest have a fear of being judged by society on a bad note. (The Diplomate,2018)

The current situation of men

For the past few years, Men have been the forgotten the one who has been suffering in silence. The judicial system has worked a lot for improving the condition of women but has nearly forgotten about men. Men are never considered as victims they are always considered as accused even for their undeserved sufferings.

  • The root of this very discrimination starts from our own families. Nearly all Indian families teach their sons to respect women. But hardly does any family teach their daughters to respect men as well. All the genders need to be respected. The business of giving respect only to females is wrong. Every human being deserves respect and should be respected equally.
  • The Judicial Justice – The Ultimate Injustice to Men!

The judiciary system has surely improved a lot but only for one part of society. This wrong needs to be corrected and this system needs to stand with the needy, not with the biased. There are many laws for women in terms of their safety, security, to protect their dignity and also to empower them but on the other hand, men are hardly gifted with these laws. The men are the present victims of the Indian judiciary system.

Section 375

Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code talks about women being raped by men but not at all about men being raped. But the reality withstands that men are raped too. Surely the number of incidences is lesser but these cannot be ignored. Men are also victims of rape. However, since they have no way of seeking help the only option left with them is to keep quiet and suffer in silence. As men according to society cannot cry and feel any sort of pain. Even the legal system feels the same. As a human being rape has an equal impact on all who face it so laws should also be for all. Instead of using the word “men”, the word ‘person’ should be used to be fair and just towards all the genders.

Domestic Violence, Stalking, and sexual harassment are faced by men as well. However, the only option is to suffer in uneasiness. In other words, there are no legal authorities working for men to help them. Rather mostly when men open up it becomes a matter of fun for others.  Unnatural death of women within 7 years of marriage is questionable by law. However, in the case of men, it is just ignored as everyone follows the unsaid concept of being always being the bad one.

Misuse of Laws by females against men

Men are defamed openly. And, no action is taken against them in spite of the fact that defamation is wrong under the law of torts and crime under section 499 of IPC still no action is taken against women for ruining the career of men and their reputation by there false allegations. The dignity of all the genders are of equal importance and also should be respected equally. Women are not always right they do also commit mistakes that should be punished.

The misuse of laws by females against men has now become a threat to men’s dignity. Section 498(A) of IPC, a law that was made to save the lives of many has taken the lives of many. It was implemented to protect married women but it has been abused and has destroyed the lives of many. Men are not even provided with any helpline number or any organization which could help them. Even the slightest mental support rather is provided to them. Rather in extreme cases, they contact the women helpline from where no help could be given to them. Rape or any other crime done towards women is a matter of great concern protests, candle marches everything but for men, it just goes unnoticed and in silence.

Men are the present victims of the gender-biased laws which need to be neutralized otherwise equality could never prevail in India as the injustice would continue.

The Supreme Court in April 2014 recognized hijras, transgenders, and intersex people as a third gender in India. (Supreme Court,2014)

State of Transgenders

The third gender leads a difficult life from the very start. As the family is not ready to accept them the way they are born. Transgenders are subjected to various forms of gender-based violence, harassment, and discrimination both in family and public. Most of the hijras and transgenders are forced to leave their families due to social stigmatization. The punishment for serious crimes committed against the transgender is substantially less severe than for the same crime committed against cisgender. (The diplomate,2020)

The same punishment for the same crime should be implemented for all the genders without any biases. The transgender bill was also merely a failure. It does not give them the right to identify their gender as male or female without having a sex – reassignment surgery which is a mental pressure upon them as if it is mandatory then this surgery should be of low cost or free of the cost allowing all of them to live a free and happy life.

Transgenders are neglected, ignored, and treated as the most inferior part of society. Nobody accepts them the way they are! This scenario needs to be changed. They should be given the right to live with anyone they want if their families don’t accept them. And they should live like a normal person having all the assets of life. They shouldn’t be forced to do anything.


To conclude, all the genders are a blessing and they equally constitute an unbiased society. So the empowerment laws should be made for the overall development of the society and not only for a part of society. Gender discrimination should stop and equality needs to prevail. All genders play a paramount role in the creation and development of society in general. Legal bias also needs to stop. And, the sick mentality in India should also change for the upliftment of the country on all the grounds.  Every citizen has a right to life. And, gender should not be a matter of discussion to direct someone’s deserved respect, dignity, and freedom.

As this is the problem of the entire country. It can only be solved when everyone comes together to fight with this existing evil which is destructing our society and its peace then only everyone could live their life with flying colors as each of us is in a dual role of victim and accused both. But still, the hope of an indiscriminate society for all the genders still prevails as a hope in the hearts of every Indian citizen.

Author: Tetiksha Shree | The ICFAI University, Dehradun


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