World Ocean Day

“Wishing All of you Very Happy World Oceans Day”

Every year, the 8th of June is being celebrated as World Oceans Day by the United Nation and all other National and International Environmental Organizations and communities which came together for the conservation of Oceans.

Now the question arises that what is happening with our oceans? Well, the answer to this question is multifaceted. It ranges from the rise in sea level to the loss of biodiversity in the marine ecosystem. Ocean acidification is also one of them. The never-ending demand of humans with a population explosion had to put all our natural resources under a great threat. The human population had already crossed all the limits of his growth. Scientists have estimated that sixth mass extinction on Earth is only because of anthropogenic causes.

Let’s discuss all the above-mentioned topics because of which today there is a need for awareness about our unsustainable environmental activities affecting oceans.

The Rise in Sea level:

Although the Earth is in the natural phase of his transition from the Ice age to global warming. Human activities had already accelerated the pace of global warming. The burning of fossil fuels or the smoke from the factories and big industries are the main reasons. Other reasons include municipal waste, smoke emitting by the burning of leftover crops, or by a forest fire. Humans had already added thousands of tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the environment. This causes much increase in global temperature due to which our snow caps and glaciers are melting with much more pace, thus contributing more to the rise in sea level. The rising sea levels had already threatened one-third of all human population.

The Next Great Threat is Bleaching of Corals:

Corals are made up of thousands of tiny animals (polyps). They live in a close association with tiny plants termed algae. Both live in a symbiotic relationship and benefit themselves from one another. But, when corals are stressed with change in temperature light or nutrient, they expel the symbiotic algae living in the tissue. Since only Algae can prepare food for coral polyps, their expulsion from coral causes the starvation of coral polyp cells causing them to turn completely white. We know it as Coral Bleaching and it threatens our marine ecosystem and biodiversity.

Overfishing and loss of marine biodiversity:

Humans are catching fish for a very long time. Due to the Revolution in Science and Technology, humans had revolutionized the way to catch fishes. Fishing is now commercialized. Commercial fishers use nets of football’s field size to catch fishes. Many long nets are stretched across the ocean capturing everyone in their path. Because of the fishing Industry’s indiscriminate practices, the population of the world’s largest predatory fishes has declined by 90%. One study conducted by 14 marine scientists concluded that fishing at this rate will cause 100% of species to collapse by the year 2048. Not only this, but plastic pollution is also a serious cause of concern. Thousands of tons of plastic are being dumped into the oceans are threatening the marine ecosystem.

On this world oceans day let’s take a step to change our priorities and practices so that we live in harmony with our oceans and environment.

I would like to conclude this piece of writing with a saying,

“We are free to choose, but we are not free from the consequences of our choice”

Again, Wishing all of you a very Happy World Oceans Day.


World Ocean Day Isha Pandey | Editor

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