We’re all human, aren’t we? Human life is worth the same and worth saving

– J.K  Rowling


From the above quote, we can understand that all our lives are important which cannot be compared with any existing or non-existing things in the world. One should enjoy his success by living his life to the fullest. But everyone is not lucky to have such a great life with good health and wealth. Some are prone to diseases, some choose to end their lives, and some get murdered. But the worst of all is the depression where the person doesn’t even know to live or die.

Doctors commonly address depression as a common but serious mental as well as health issue which will show a change in the routine life of a person. They feel difficulty in the way they think, work, and most importantly in the way they live. This causes mostly among the youths of the world. Why does this depression feel easy to attract the youths always? Because the youths are the future citizens of the nation who take responsibility to live their life fruitfully and also put strenuous efforts for the betterment of society. The reason for depression varies from person to person, but the major reason for the depression is the people who are around him, the society in which he lives, and the family in which he lives.


What made me blame others for a person’s depression and not on the person suffering? The ones who live with a depressed person only know his changes. Whenever we feel a change in a person we tend to avoid or not disturb them rather than speaking with them. Today’s youth faces a lot of challenges to come upon his life. To break every obstacle into pieces becomes his routine. Right from his nursery to his graduation he has to undergo struggle, nepotism, and politics. We strongly believe that educational institutions are the right places where we study and learn other good qualities. But some schools forget to teach the life experiences to their students.

Some schools are keen on producing the best students but not the best out of students. So many students after entering college face the difficulty of communicating, adapting the new surroundings, and are bullied by their mates which makes students of that age fall into depression. This is how the pain starts, some are strong enough to overcome the obstacle but on the other side, they automatically start to judge themselves, they try to punish, start to hate.

Bullying as a cause of depression:

Bullying, the most serious word that has been ignored by this world. This is the root cause of all the problems a person faces. We are not aware of the fact that it has a deep meaning. Bullying a person based on his appearance, the way he speaks, the way he acts to make people lose their self-esteem, self-reliance and they forget the fact of appreciating themselves. No one is perfect in this world, the word perfection has got so many senses and it differs from person to person. Here a question may arise why didn’t the person took an initiative to improve himself? Because everyone is ready to find the fault on others and not ready to help him with it. To realize the real fact itself takes him a long time.

This is where the schools which teachers should provide them with a wide exposure rather than locking them in the airless classes. After all his improvement next comes the main part of his life-nepotism and politics where most of the students lose their career and to a more extent their lives too. This might appear stupid to you but the real pressure and pain start from here. This the place where everyone loses their trust in others, starts hating themselves and falls into depression. Everyone has got to understand that learning is an important aspect of our life and start to improve our skills in such a way that success chases us.


Here the relationship I mean includes all the valuable relationships that are existing in this world. The person we love sometimes doesn’t love us back. They choose to shift, they choose to leave, they choose to change. All this happens because of the circumstances around them. They might get a better relationship; they refused to choose you. This part of life keeps on changing from person to person, and from circumstance to circumstance. What matters the most is that being true and honest to ourselves; however the situation may be. Always welcome the person who come and a great goodbye to the person who leaves. Being worried will never change the past.


This article will clearly show that every depression starts with society and the people in the society. Most people surf through social media when they feel low where it only tries you to make you feel more about it. Even society comes under this category when people are sad and depressed the society only tries to put them into a gruesome situation rather than helping them. As I stated already I strongly believe that every single person in society takes part in every person’s depression which may even lead to suicide. This mental issue is a stress that’s been given by all the people out there. We are held responsible to listen to all the worries even if the person is a stranger. Just listening is going to save a person’s life. Making others happy is the happiest of all.


r ramya R. Ramya | School of Excellence in Law, Chennai


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