A big majority of people live a sedentary life today and the World Health Organization has declared it an epidemic. The biggest transformation to adapting this lifestyle occurred when the use of transport vehicles scaled up, which snatched away the chance to walk and burn out energy. The advent of electronic gadgets has further worsened the epidemic. From having breakfast to driving to the workplace, sitting in an office cabin, driving back home, eating dinner, and watching TV, there is hardly any calorie-burning activity that is done.

Trying to automate the world has only exacerbated the problem. Instead of doing the work themselves, human beings now sit, make, and operate software that will instead take the load. Taking lifts instead of stairs, getting dishwashing machines to do the chore, and using Google Assistant to do your work are just some examples.

The urge to use eCommerce websites is also irresistible since they offer such attracting discounts, which has further limited our already restricted activities. And then obviously, why go out when the things you require can be delivered right at your doorstep.

Problems during Adolescence

Adolescence obesity has also been linked to increasing screen-time. Children are crazy after playing games on their gadgets instead of going out in the playground. Working parents often engage their kids in their phones in order to buy time for their unending work. Owing to this, children today are not getting the amount of activity their body needs to grow and nourish.

It is true that one can not stay away from technology when it has entered all aspects of life. Nonetheless, our daily activities can be managed to get time for physical exercise too. Many of us make resolutions and then fail to follow it. This is because fulfilling this resolution is like climbing a mountain. Trying to climb quickly makes one exhausted. Progressing slowly but at an equal pace at all times is the trick to achieving your goal. It is also imperative to take rest in between. Otherwise, you will get frustrated and will completely turn your back towards your promise.

Final thoughts

If we expect our body to adapt to our lifestyle, even if it does, there will be adverse consequences. Listen to your bodies. Just like our soul needs social interaction to remain healthy, our body needs physical exercise to remain healthy.

We may not realize the seriousness at an early age, but a life spent in front of screens will certainly have its adverse impact.


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