Human Cruelty
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“HUMANS” known to be god’s greatest creation, are not the greatest anymore. The most intelligent species in the world and the one with the civilized mindset, are no more civilized. The humble and kind path we were supposed to walk on, is now on the path of cruelty. “Cruelty”, the in-sensitiveness towards their own kind and the wildlife have caused us in danger. Thousands of cases of human cruelty are there in past, but now being a part of the intellectual society we need to stop this inhumane behaviour.

Zohra Shah, Pakistan:

Zohra Shah, a child maid from Pakistan, her owners cruelly beat her to death. The reason for this inhuman behaviour was that she freed the owner’s parrots from their cage. What a world we are living in? An act of kindness done by a little eight-year-old girl led to her cruel death. The news came out when the owners dropped the girl after beating to a hospital where she died out of injury.

George Floyd, USA:

George Floyd, a 42-year-old man from Minneapolis, Minnesota was a victim of police brutality. The allegation was the use of counterfeit bills. But during the process of that arrest, the policeman took the accused in a chokehold for around 9-10 minutes where 2 other officers proceeded the arrest and one more officer stopped the crowd gathered from intervening. During that duration, the man struggled to breathe and cried for help. His exact words were, “I can’t breathe”. Everyone in the crowd shouted and pleaded to help that man and release him from the chokehold, yet they didn’t. In result, the man died due to suffocation. This whole act was of cruelty was done on the racism factor, which is yet being practised by the stupid people of the current society. The argument isn’t just the racism being practised, but the lack of humanity.

Elephant, India:

In India, an elephant carrying a baby in her womb made a mistake of trusting the humans. That innocent animal, which is worshipped by the Indians by the name of God Ganesh, is not safe. The pregnant elephant came to a private land wandering in search of food. She got fed a pineapple which had explosives in it, which got triggered when she chewed the pineapple. This explosion broke her jaw and she was unable to eat any food. The wildlife rescue team tried to save her but the injuries led her to death, which also took the life of the baby elephant that she was carrying in her womb.

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These recent cases shook the world about the cruelty done by humans on their own kinds and wildlife. The world which needs to be protected by us now needs protection from us. We as humans, instead of spreading hate for a certain community, or doing harm to our environment, we should spread humanity by being kind to others and helping people and protecting the wildlife.

Say no to Human Cruelty.

True beauty is not related to what colour your hair is or what colour your eyes are. True beauty is about who you are as a human being, your principles, your moral compass.

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