I know you

My dear comrade, (Inner Self)

You exist in me as the other one does, but you are yourself and the other one that lies in parallel to your existence is for the world. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose which one to feel at the very edge of the scuffling site. I know very well that obscuring your presence for a longer period could really end up as a huge disappointment to me.

I rarely notice your presence when it comes to looking wise to the world. No, you are not witless but I have a feeling of dismay that this world would not accept your way of dealing. I may have not shown you your Importance but truly shared my vexations with you. The other half which is good going with the world barely thinks about me, as for her world matters a lot and there, she is always standing with all her arms open to this thwarting place.

I do listen to you when I am alone wandering with my contemplations, discussing, and listening to you. You are too expressive in your way of telling me that I should plead for my happiness rather than snarling with the opinion of your parallel co-existed but as you know obeying your school of thoughts would though give me peace but others a topic for judgement and that would be highly unsustainable for me.

My dear inner self

It’s not your fault, yes, I have encountered some incidences from others and my life too that suggested me, subbing your company would exterminate me and my happiness. This world is a very big platform attending each of its passengers with a soft smile shaking hands. But at the same time having a competitive approach to each feat of yours. My dear inner self, your co-existed is more impactful in leaving her thoughts in my mind. And, you, my dear never empowers her thoughts. I sometimes wonder that your presence is so important yet considering your decisions bothers me.

I am all indulged in the threads of wrong and right for me and for this world. And this is where I lose a hook on you my dear inner self. You are a bit mean to yourself but actually this selfishness is somewhere keeping me alive and contented, I want you to empower my thoughts, I want you to be in charge but somewhere I lack confidence in you and I ultimately stop your authority on me. I know you are not feeble but this world would object your conduct, and I am afraid what if you lose? But offering no plausibility to your approach would be unfair. Dear inner-self though you reside within me, all you could discover is that I KNOW YOU, BUT I DON’T KNOW YOU. And not realizing you, would surely cause a loss in dealing with ebbs and flows of life.


priyanshi sharma Priyanshi Sharma


  1. The issue of split personality, the perpetual tag of war with oneself is the source of our impediment and unhappiness! Concerted effort to reconcile the two should be our daily endeavour.


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