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As stated by Gary Vaynerchuk, who is the founder and CEO of Vayner Media and Vayner sports. He has rightfully said that ‘ideas are shit, execution is the real game’, because no matter how much ideas one can hold on to its just baseless when you cannot execute them. It might be possible that so many of us can provide our time and ideas to one particular project but if we are unable to perform as a team or we fail to execute our plans altogether, it won’t bear fruits of success to us. It is said that:

  • A dream is written down with a date that becomes our goals.
  • A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.
  • A plan backed by actions makes your dreams come true.
  • Your ideas don’t have to be great it just has to be well executed.
  • Your ideas are good only if you execute the way it should be out to the world. You are appreciated for the work you executed.

For example- Steve Jobs, An American business tycoon. He changed the world that’s because not only his ideas but his executions were at par excellence.

What should we do?

All should keep on working so that our efforts of putting up an idea can be executed well. Once we put out an idea and try to execute our plans then only we come across the pros and cons of it. We get to know the drawbacks of the executions we made. It’s not that every time we fail or we face a downfall in career or business, sometimes it may work too. We should never quit trying to execute what we know or what we feel. Ideas get better shaped when we as an owner execute it and shape it.

If our ideas are extraordinary but not represented in the same way. We will just have a mind without creativity, but if we give our idea a better execution we will get the result as per our demands. Basically, our execution is judged on the basis of how we execute the plans of our ideas. Because our ideology is nothing if we fail to express it. That’s how it works.

Ideas of a person

It’s true that ideas of a person speak about one’s thoughts and actions but the execution of the idea tells us about how well a person can carry the job to outshine on the particular project.
Execution gives our thoughts a strong base and portrays a story of how an artist values and draws his art.

It is necessary to execute your ideas. There is no use of it if you start preserving it. Sharing your ideas in the right context will not be a harm to any. I know copying doesn’t sound as good as the original. But, making others ideas a base and combining your thoughts while executing it in the right way can create a masterpiece.

Taking an example of some of our Bollywood movies the screenplay, storyline, effects, dialogues everything would be just amazing but what if it’s not executed in the same amazing manner?
Even a good content movie will be labelled as A Cult Movie. Being a big-budget movie, having aired on such big platforms, still no recognition. So, there comes a time when a movie which was expected to be one of the superhits or blockbusters turns out to be something unnoticed. And that’s how the work is placed and performed-

So if someone says- 


It acts as teamwork, a combination of both creative ideas and well-planned execution will lead to good results. Because IDEAS ARE SHIT, AND EXECUTION IS THE REAL GAME!!


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