Education is the key to enlighten a person. It contributes to the growth and development of a nation’s economy and is a medium to silence any brutal weapon. Over the ages, we have been listening to the proverb “A pen is mightier than a sword”, but what if the shapers of that pen start molding bookworms thereby killing the innocent creative seedlings before their germination.

This is what our education system had been doing for a long time. In the existing world of competitions, and rat race, we have been raising products, rather robotic products who are programmed for a particular target completion either by mugging up or by timelessly working like Brats!. Our Methods of Learning and Evaluating techniques, basically grading systems and judgments have been so much prone to books and within those brown covered rectangle borders, that we have somewhere Killed the curiosities of our young minds nearly leaving them Unexplored.

Reasons behind this

Why is it so? Why have we been so accustomed to book feeding? From a teacher’s perspective let’s have a glance at the problems faced.

The scholars and the teachers always made all the possible efforts and are the basic pillars for shaping a child’s future. No doubt they are selflessly doing fantastic in their jobs, but then some teachers or guides still go with the old traditional patterns of teaching that are limited to books only. Surely, it is the saddest reality of our nation that whatever we learn we forget to apply it in our practice and that’s human nature.! All of us have been taught and are familiar with the teaching ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda where they clearly focus on the all-round development of the child through curricular and co-curricular activities.

Over the decades, what we been witnessing is just the opposite. Here, the practical Approaches are Mangled and the learning skills are just Judged on the basis of how much can you mug up and present on paper. The thing is because of this mugging up and presenting things on paper, and making it look presentable, we are somewhere lacking the practical applications in real life.

Educational Structure

Our educational patterns have a heap of the added syllabus and unnecessary stuff that the teachers keep pushing on with it. There’s no scope for extra circulars and activities because syllabus completion is always a challenge. Students also nowadays have limited themselves so much because the syllabus is cut short nearly to the 50 percent of the average syllabus. Also, the set patterns are so much prone to grades and scores that people are not running after knowledge but after marks.

Teachers too bully the weak students and develop an atmosphere where digits and figures shape a person’s morals!. Too much exposing themselves to shortcuts the teachers, nowadays are not willing to change their teaching methodologies. Methodologies like that of Brainstorming and demonstrations have nearly collapsed and blankly reading the chapter and orally discussing the questions and answers is all that is seen in most of the schools. Fun activities that should be conducted, are now just limited to either S.U.P.W  projects or crafts which none of the students take seriously!

Repercussions of the careless approach

As a result, a lot of us are unsuccessful when it comes to practical applications of certain things and theories that we keep learning in our school. Since we are not used to it from the very basic!. In our school, we have been taught to make notes, to learn, and to write exactly the same what is given in the books. Teachers expect the students to learn and to present exactly the same answers and the one who is a good learner gets good scores, and the one who cannot is always lacking behind only because he or she cannot write and learn on mug up.

This is only because of our so-called set patterns of education systems. In our Education system earlier things were all set and based on “Degrees and Percentages.” The ones who own the highest scores, or who used to get good marks were considered.

Extraordinary students who go out of the plot are not even acknowledged. So, the point here is that we should initiate certain activities that make the class interesting and interactive. A lot of theoretical definitions when explained with an exciting level, grabs the attention of all. Also, it sharpens the brains of the ones who are not into so much memorizing and Learning things and concepts. The enthusiastic souls will get a vivid direction and they would be even more clarified about the reality of the concepts. Often, when we see and visualize things, we are clearly able to frame a structure of thoughts and the work process is far better and understandable.

The mentally challenged students or special case students will also be benefited from it. This will give a uniform platform for both normal and extraordinary children.

People who proved that being good in academics is not only a solution

A lot of people have touched great heights. They were not very good at studies like for example, if we talk about Bill Gates or about Mark Zuckerberg or all those high earners, rich people, they all were not very well versed with their academics, still, they are the top richest people in the world. Talking about Thomas Alva Edison who was been detained from the school, he was told that he could never be able to study but then, he invented bulbs which we all are using it in our daily lives.

Nobody is a born scholar. Everybody learns from basics, and this is how a person grows. How we format our disciples, that is what is important. No doubt, the traditional customs of teachings were good but over the increasing competition and advancements, the demand for a definite set pattern is now negligible. Now people demand a step further that connects them to the advancing technologies and the existing scenarios.

Career opportunities and choices have also raised and expanded their bars to a level up. A positive approach towards fine arts, dancing, singing, coding, and technical needs, makes it a compulsion for the school and it’s teachers to work for such subjects too. Catering to such subjects like core subjects can not only provide you a deep reflection of yourself but also, can give immense peace to your soul.

Why Extra-Curriculum is important?

Drama, poetry writing, oratory, all these things are very important for the overall development of the child because they not only enhance your personality, or add to your personality, but also develop the skills inside you which are needed for the outside world, for the market world. They develop a spirit of competition in you that enforces you to act in a way you are supposed to be. A lot of us are not able to take competitions and are not able to take negative comments in a way they are supposed to and end up doing nothing because, in the competitive market, there’s a lot of negativity, wherein, sarcastic comments and critics make people’s life miserable.

If we are not thrown to those criticisms at a very young age, then we tend to take up those negativities, thereby breaking into pieces and we shatter badly. We are not able to face the world, and when we grow in an environment of competition we build in ourselves the path to let go things, to accept things, and to fight for the things. If we are not having a competitive spirit Among Us then we will not be able to fight for the things we want and this all doesn’t happen within a day.

Time and growth

It needs time, it needs shaping and molding. The child might secure good marks in his or her inter-school or he or she might become a great scholar but he will fail in the rules of the life as he will not be able to perform as he’ll lack confidence because he’s never been exposed to the competition that he is going to get from the world.

There are a lot of people out there who are just there to put you down. If you do not create a form within, if you are not ready to take up the challenges from within, then you will never be able to face it, and the extracurricular activities make you strong enough, to be challenging, to be worthy of the talents, it enhances your creativity, it enhances your brain cells, it helps you in a way that it makes you worthy of all that you want to achieve in life and that is why it is important for the overall development of a child. It is essential to focus on the curricular and co-curricular activities as well as the complete progress of the child. Both activities are important for the child to frame him/her to become a successful product worth investing in.

Final thoughts

The fact that we should know is, grades are important but what we are learning throughout the journey, is even more significant. After a certain period of time, nobody is going to remember your grades but everybody is going to remember the lesson learned, the failures you faced, the success tasted, so in my opinion, What is important, is long-lasting and what is long-lasting is important.

Participating in Extracurricular activities leave a big impact on you not only in your life but for your coming generations also. I think extra-curricular activities are very much important for every one of us and we should all initiate it. We should all not limit ourselves to books only. We should come out of the cocoons of our books because, in real life, the challenges are sometimes out of the syllabus. And something which is out of the syllabus usually carries a lot of marks!


Sakshi Mishra Sakshi Mishra | Editor


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