what if

What If?

Isn’t it amazing that we as humans are central to this one question! A question that keeps pondering over our cerebrum cortex all the time! And that is, “WHAT IF”.

What if I fail, what if I regret, what if I’m unable to crack the highest score!

Often, the journey of our lives is just a peddle away from our WHAT IF, thinking zone! The idea of exaggerating over thought has become a major issue in today’s generation. We are so much exhausted into the future repercussions that we at times fail to live into the present to its fullest!

Why is it so?

Now, we humans have the tendency to analyze each and every scenario. And why not? after all, it’s quite cool, who doesn’t analyze concepts and equates life on certain parameters! Almost everybody does, but, then we as humans have this prospect of taking things to the level where we either end up doing things or leave it in between. The idea between a plan and its execution need not be transverse through innumerable thought processes. It’s good to think but to over analyses, something to a point beyond a limit is just being critically observant! At times, we need not go bragging about the consequences but we just need to be focused on the current ride! Thinking on and on over the future, which is yet to arrive is a mere time waste. What we are in the present will define what will we be in the future!

What are its large-scale implications?

Thinking over something to an extent can only delay the action. After all, a success plan needs a perfectly executed plan. Moreover, when we think a lot on an aspect, we as a person are not able to divert our energies to the goal and end up diverging ourselves from The Final Destination.

Having said that, it can also be drawn out that too much of Thinking can become unnecessary stress. Facts have proven that unnecessarily thinking over a topic can just become a headache and most of the people in today’s world are burdened with the thought of overthinking all the time!

Many facts and figures have been proof that people due to overthinking and over-analyzing the issue, are unable to give their best shots and end up making the wrong choices and messing up with things! We keep rotating around on a fixed point of our “why” and “how”, that we fail to recognize the possible arriving opportunities of the now existing time period! It’s not always necessary to have a clear, vivid image of your future all the time.

Sometimes, things might go worse, things might not work, things may loosen control but that’s nature. Instead of crying over petty issues why not try solving it, struggling with it, dealing with it. Bothering too much over everything will only attack your brain cells making them weak enough to deal with primary issues! Too much thinking or going over the top of something that isn’t going to exist is an immature approach.

How to overcome it?

The best and the only possible solution to this issue is to maintain clarity and stability over the thought. Of course, planning is an important step, but sticking to the topic and staying to it can be helpful. Too much of transformations and dynamics is not always beneficial. A rigid and firm structure with the frequent minimum changes whenever needed, is all that you should do.

Critically analyzing too much to an extent over something, is not a better idea. In fact, one should trust in making things work rather than thinking over its implications to an infinite end. Today almost each and every individual is indulging him/her in this problematic trap of OVERTHINKING! Pondering over thought too much at times makes an individual imagine scenarios that are way beyond reality and would never exist!

Problems with overthinking

Overthinking takes you to another level of misjudgment and a fancy world where everything is worse, beyond recovery! Living in the present is important. The fruits of the future will be enjoyed only when the seed in the present is well planted! Thinking about the future and not acting in the present is a fool’s lookout! It’s just similar to feeding oneself by just the smell of the food, or visiting the entire hill station on a video call! Isn’t it strange!

Often, we’ve been mocked by our parents and dear ones to think about the future but only thinking would do? Or for that matter will overthinking make you a scholar in a day? Will you win an Oscar just by giving altitudes to your thoughts? Will you achieve heights by Fantasizing over situations that would never occur? Think about this rather than thinking about what will be the future consequences!

Qualities of a real thinker

Thinkers are no doers! They don’t blabber about things or situations. They make their way out of the box. They don’t care about peoples’ thoughts and judgments! They trust themselves! They have the courage to make the stagnant, flowing!! They are unstoppable. They don’t fear what is going to come next. They become one whom the world looks upon! They aren’t feared by the detriment tasks instead, they make their route somehow. They have faith in tackling issues unlike some who only sit back and question over everything!

Final Thoughts

Thus, the only conclusion that can be drawn out of it is that:

Your actions define who you are! You need not be a perfect planner but you definitely need to be a perfect executioner!!

There are always ups and downs in a journey, but, be one who can learn to cope up in all extremes rather than the one who can pinpoint errors in all! Problems in our lives will always increase, we should increase our capacity to deal with the problems! There is no end to the brutalities of the outside world, why take pains of forming a cobweb of thoughts inside our brains? Instead, be a warrior armed with her actions! Prep up yourself for every challenge. Be adamant to face the world, because if God has given your life make it worthy, worthy of living! In the end, it can be quoted that “You are free to make whatever choices you want but, you are not free from the consequences of the choices.”

So, whatever you would do, it will make an effect, either a positive or a negative impact, therefore thinking too much over anything is just a health hazard. Just keep working towards life and things will automatically fall into its place!


Sakshi Sakshi Mishra | Editor



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