father's day

“In Loving Memory of My Father”

From Dawn to Dusk, Noon and Eve, Moon and Sun and all the angelic creatures are about to celebrate and admire this day which belongs to the Fathers of the world. Everyone around us is about to acknowledge this beautiful soul. I am also striving hard to wrap up my thoughts and sentiments for my dad in a vessel of fresh roses. I don’t know how much will I succeed in presenting my love to my father. But, this is entirely from my heart’s knot which is tied to my father’s heart.

Father-Son Bond:

Little and fragile, sluggish, and dependent, gradually opened my eyes in front of my father. He had a long combatant face with a thick beard and moustache making him enough attractive than before. He would have held my hand, took me on his lap, smooched me tenderly on a forehead, and would have said, “Welcome to Home Son”.

As I grew up, I experienced more frankness and intimacy between us. The charm and affinity through which he used to placed his hand on my shoulder was missing till now from my life. I was lucky enough to spend my boyhood phase more with my father. I still remember the way I used to observe him walking, his style of conversing, his attitude towards humanity, and the way he used to help others that whether I too possess the same features as he did.

A Random Walk:

A chilling breeze affecting our hearts and wrapping our emotions in joy and excitement on a rich green meadow in a park. Have you ever encountered a calm conversation with your father in a quiet atmosphere? Sharing your thoughts and amateur proposals in front of your father. Or somebody has ever gone through a phase of defeat like every door of life is closed before you and felt as long as your father is alive and there is to fetch you from drowning deep into the sea of overthinking there is no need to get nervous. I would suggest my friends, if you have a father in your entity then must do the same, have a random heart-to-heart chat with him, you will be lucky enough to see the reflection of his face in yours.

A Summer Weekend:

One day on a hot summer weekend, he took us to the seaside. The environment was crazy and crowded. We walked down the chunk of sands, the fresh ambience, and the staggering wind on the shore was pushing us backwards with enormous strength.

I was holding my dad’s hand and was cheering on the blessed life I was living with freedom. Unconscious from the upcoming hardships of my life. The time was amazing and most dominant for me as a growing child along with my father.

A Year to Remember:

I truly crave today that he would be among us. He might be a bit delighted and bit perplexed to see the hardships which we faced in his absence. Most of the time I really feel the urge that I might contain the prime opportunity by God to write down in loving memory of my beloved father as I lost him too early in my life. 25th August 2000, a year stuck on my mind, a day embarked on my memory.

As I lost him in the initial stage of just 10 years, so I never became that much tough neither developed as a self-confident man which a father can upload in his son.

His beauty and elegance always hit me hard whenever I used to recall my father’s name. God may bestow the best comfort and joy to his soul in His eternal world. I don’t know where he is at this moment when I am converting my thoughts on a piece of paper, whether he is around or too far from me but one thing is for sure that I will love him to the most and will keep on trying to pacify his soul forever.

A Tribute to Fathers:

Love your father to the best, respect, and regard him for the sacrifices he made towards us, sometimes by letting go of his dreams and many other times got debased for the sake of his children’s future. Never treat him with stepped behaviour. Do not leave his hand as you think you are mature enough to walk without him. Give him consolation and pleasure against the obstacles he faced in providing shelter to his family.

Most of the people in the world celebrate Mother’s Day with passion and regard it as the superior. But Father’s Day is nowhere behind than the day belongs to mothers. Undoubtedly, mothers bare enough deprivation to build a home but if our Fathers do not guard that home, our homes remain perilous.

If Mothers are the smiles of our homes than a father must be the reason behind that peace and jubilation.

Their innermost thoughts and affection certainly touched me consistently. Father’s Day isn’t a gift to your father only. It’s about perceiving the gift of caring and indulging by your fathers.

Honour your Fathers, this Father’s Day through surprises like some of his favourite book, some widget or food which makes him delighted. Try to know what his favourites are and what he keeps on thinking solitary on a couch. Try to spend exquisite time with him.

On this Father’s Day, we ask you to join in a combined prayer to applaud all fathers, sons, and all men in our lives.

Remember buddy, not everyone is blessed to have a father in their lives. Value him before you lose your value beside everyone!


mohammad uzair Mohammad Uzair


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