A Paradise of love, a helm of humanity, a land of equality, justice, and fraternity. A place that safeguards the aura of every lady. So will my India be, so was the dream of our freedom fighters Deep down the history!

15th August 1947, a day that marks the independence of our country. The freedom which was attained by our forefathers by sacrificing every single drop of blood for us. History reveals that the struggle commenced since 1857 which instilled in the masses the spirit of nationalism and rebellion and the efforts of leaders like Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, shook the shackles of the British Empire and freed us from their Communalism.

Then V/s Now

73 years hence, we are an independent nation but, are we still Independent? Is this the India our forefathers dreamt of? Seeing the present scenario of the country, don’t we think the battle is still to be won? The blood of our fighters sowed the seed of our freedom, which is now crippled over the threats of corruption and terrorism.

Our leaders molded our minds and made us realize that Our value lies in Unity, But, time and again the thoughts of our freedom fighters have been tarnished beyond repair. The raised voices are subsided and the weak are bullied. The evil empowers. Our young minds are contaminated on grounds of Caste, Creed, and Gender, and surprisingly, on every Independence Day, we declare ourselves free, despite the fact that deep down even today our golden bird is trapped under the cage of corruption, bribery, inequality, molestation, and female foeticide.

A report showed that about 50% of Indians had firsthand experience of paying bribes or using contacts to get services performed by public offices. However, in 2019 their Corruption Perceptions Index ranked the country 80th place out of 180. Reflecting the steady decline in the perception of corruption. But, sadly, it has affected us economically, socially, politically, and emotionally as well. More than the educated souls we have acknowledged misunderstood and misguided people. Who succumb themselves to stealing and robbery because they cannot afford the elevating prices, and are loaded with debts!

Dynamics to an extent

Celebration seems to be a national formality nowadays. Honestly, if you question yourself, introspecting your own self, within you, do you really think that the youth of our country celebrates Independence Day for themselves? Or for the nation? Or for the martyred souls? No! The answer here lies is a big No! On an average near about 90% of the youth, today celebrates Independence Day for the mere purpose to avail offers at their nearby shopping store, or for online discounts that range from 14th to 18th August, or for collection of likes and dislikes on their social handles, or for the matter of a national boundation, because Since you hold the nationality you’re bound to hoist the flag or to sing the national anthem on that day!

Had it really been a matter of respect, then we wouldn’t have seen our national flag miserably lying on the floor the very next day! Yes! It happens! It happens because people are so much prone to pretending that they’ve actually forgotten to live the moment. In the world of selfies and boomerangs, the youth has forgotten the significance of the real feeling of those goosebumps that happened every time, when one such melodious song, “Saare Jahan Se acha”, hit the auricle of our ears. In the rarest of the cases, people now watch the Live parade that telecasts on Doordarshan. And why? Only because, it’s not #Trendyanymore.

What are we doing now?

We now go in for trends. For something that is funky and even if it disrupts the sentiments of our freedom Fighters, we are least bothered! Insensitivity has been instilled to an infinite level and it’s not our fault! The fault is not in us! The fight is for the ideologies. We think we’ll be laughed at if we’ll stand away from the crowd. But here is where, we need to put our corrector pens on to us, and make ourselves understand that, CHANGE IS THE NEED! If we really feel, we need to reciprocate it through our actions! Stories all can share, posts all can like! But how many can actually dare to do? And the ones that dare to do, are the ones that need to be applauded!

What is to bed one?

Now doing something for the country, doesn’t mean you’ve to try all odd herculean tasks. It’s not always related to a matter of turning January to a hot ball of fire or March to an icy, cold month. But, it’s like showing concern in small things, as being a part of the Country! Every person, every identity, no matter big or small, becomes significant because above all he/she is an Indian! I Still remember the school pledge that said,- “I shall always strive to be worthy of it.” And this is what the generation of today needs to learn!

A public test was taken by a YouTube channel to know how many of us actually stand when the national anthem is played. And to my surprise, elite, educated people were least bothered to even stand! Such instances shook me from within. And these are the ones who either are associated with a political party or come under the high paid categories of our country. For a country like India, every day should be an Independence Day! If we really care about our freedom fighters, their pound of blood and flesh, their sacrifices, we don’t really need a Specific day to commemorate it!

The Concluding thoughts

The bird which was supposed to sore heights is gradually being buried underground and the only solution lies in the YOUTH of the country. Even today, we need one Bhagat Singh who can explode the fire of Patriotism among the millions. Still, We need the same zeal and valour with which one Chandra Shekhar Azad was born. We still need the firm principles of Mahatma Gandhi that forced Simon to go back. We still need one such Rani Lakshmibai who fought till her last breath but didn’t surrender. All we need is the inspiring thoughts of Sarojini Naidu and the extreme actions and leadership of Lala Lajpat Rai, Bipin Chandra Pal, and Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

Al these people are hidden somewhere here among us. All we need to do is to identify them in ourselves. 73 years back the fight was not easy and even today, the struggle is not that simple. But we the youth, the future of our country, we can transform India into the hub of equality, justice, and fraternity which our fighters dreamt of.

Let us pay the actual tribute to them. Let us identify our roles, as the future of our Nation, and let’s make our Mother India proud. Let’s awaken the spirit of Independence within us! Free ourselves from the shackles of this ugly realism and celebrate THIS DAY and EVERY DAY of our lives by assimilating these virtues. And then we can proudly say-

This is my India and I love India!

Jai Hind!



Sakshi Mishra Sakshi Mishra | Editor


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