Impressive right? Did this make you think, about how pious the intentions are, of the people who venture into this field? Well, I am afraid if it’s true for one and all!

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Education is a basic right that we all have access to. It’s a service, a pure service that can do wonders for a nation. Education is one thing that can turn over a new leaf. In this modern world, everything is for sale, and so is education. The pure service that it is, has been transformed into a business. In other words, it has become a matter of commercialization.

Now let’s first get to the basics and have a glance about what education and commercialization really are.

Education is the process of imparting, receiving, or acquiring knowledge, skills, or ideas either formally or informally.

Whereas, commercialization is ordinary parlance that simply means the application of the business methodology in any activity with an expectation of economic return. While our education standard has improved leaps and bounds, a lot still needs to be done in order to make sure that it is reaped by all. Like all other sectors, the entry of private players has transformed the sphere of education completely. Since the number of universities, as well as government institutions, have not kept pace with the increasing population and the burgeoning demands, the foray of private players was considered vital.

Negative effects of Commercialization

Commercialization has some negative effects on our society:

  1. MORE EMPHASIS ON MARKS: commercialization gives more emphasis on marks. It does not fulfill the all-round development of the students.
  2. UNABLE TO MAINTAIN THE PRINCIPLE OF EQUALITY: commercialization has not succeeded in maintaining the principle of equality. It raises the fee structure to a level from where it is not accessible to a major population.
  3. PROFIT ORIENTED: commercialization has turned the service of education to a business idea. It gives complete emphasis on profit raising.
  4. MECHANICAL PROCESS: commercialization has made education a very mechanical process. It has overburdened children.

Though the commercialization of education, seems like having only negative aspects, this is not really true. Every coin has two sides, and so does the commercialization of education. There are certainly positive aspects of the commercialization of education.

Positive effects of Commercialization

  1. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: commercialization provides immense employment opportunities.
  2. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: commercialization helps in the increase of literacy, Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Income, per capita income, etc.
  3. PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: commercialization provides formal education to the students, which helps them in building a fair personality.
  4. QUALITY OF EDUCATION: commercialization has surely made the quality of education in our country better.

Final Thoughts

It is very clear that the commercialization of education has both positive and negative aspects. One thing that is certain is that the development of any nation depends on the standards of their education system. Thus, each country should decide what can be constructively introduced in its education system to fairly provide good education to all its citizens.


Aarohi Mishra Aarohi Mishra | Editor


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