Life made me realize that after walking through the darkest paths under tinted black skies, you reach the brightest place. It has taught me to take nothing for granted, as everything holds its worth. Life taught me that those painful, heart aching and mind-shattering struggles were, meant to make you strong today. They were to pursue success and reach those insightful heights. Life is all about dreaming big and making them a reality. However, if dreams remain unfulfilled, you should not lose hope. Living a life truly means hoping and trying again, each successive effort takes you a lot closer to your dream becoming true.

Life makes you stronger.

Life eventually made me realize that those betrayals, heartbreaks were meant to make you more conscious. Conscious about relationships, finding a true soul, and choosing wise people. So that you do not let your self hurt by others. Those heartbreaking losses of friendships and love were to make you tough inside out. They were to create more space for the more beautiful people coming ahead.

Life forced me in love with hope, as it’s the only tool pushing me ahead despite all failures. It’s a huge blessing that made me trust myself. It forces me to leave no stone unturned in order to guide my way to success.

Life taught me to go with the flow, paint your sky, do whatever you like. It is a huge blissful blessing. Life taught me that you must for once go on a roller coaster ride, to feel your heart racing, your body perspiring. You need to stop it but it goes on for the people with you. This in fact truly influences us to wonder that life never stops for one person. We should ride on a roller coaster or sky-touching rides to experience the fear behind the fun, and pleasure behind fear and uncertainties. Though we all know that life is uncertain but still we do plan for the next moment lies ahead of us. We have faith in ourselves and God that tomorrow might be a more beautiful and brighter day.

The best is yet to come.

It made me conclude that there is no room for disappointments as life is a tremendous gift. We all must cherish it. Life taught me to move on, with no regrets. It enforced me to believe that no matter how helpless you feel, hope will always be at your side. It made me realize that whenever you fall, just get up with more zeal. One should have an insight that you need to run thousands of miles ahead to conquer the world, life always means “BEST IS YET TO COME”.


Chanchal Maheswari


  1. Very inspirational article it is..
    All the lines and paragraphs is so beautifully written…
    Really in life (best is yet to come)..
    This title and this whole para is amazing 👌.
    Beautifully quoted…
    My opinion =… Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours..
    … Thankyou 🙏..


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