Patriarchy and caste are so deep-rooted in our society that despite having a progressive and forward-looking constitution from the last 69 years. We have to still fight a long battle at the grass-root levels. People have modernized, they have moved from villages. They are more read and educated. But, unfortunately deep within they are the same old casteist and patriarchal in their thoughts.

As Dr. Ambedkar said, “without achieving social democracy, we cannot realize the dream of true political democracy.” So, the real fight is in our homes where patriarchy and caste have to be confronted. We have to raise our voice against injustice and suppression at home. The ethos of equality, fraternity, and democracy has to be cultivated from home.

The worst form of suppression is denying someone their natural rights and desires by imposing on them restrictions of caste. The worst part is, the so-called modern progressive 21st-century “wannabe” superpower India has still entangled in the thousand years old rotten system. Manuwadis want this system to continue because they have been on the positive side of this system.

But, the only thing which is permanent is change and change shall come. Salute to all the people who have dedicated their lives for the elimination of these menaces and this has to continue. Everyone has to wage a battle within and outside. #annihilationofcaste #bettersociety #betterindia.


patriarchy Isha Pandey | Editor

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