pseudo feminism

“Women in time to come will do great things.”

As quoted by a great Saint Mary Ward who planted a little seed of freedom for the women. She revolted against the idea of ‘cloistered nuns’ and went against the laws of catholic ideologies. A strong lady of the time steps up and became the voice of the vulnerable. Today there are hundreds of institutions and Ashrams throughout the country and across the border. This is a classic example of feminism.

Feminism and women empowerment are like the two faces of the same coin. Unfortunately, we are heading towards modernization! So, we call them “women revolutionists” or we name them as “Pseudo Feminists”. Feminism is about empowering women, encouraging their freedom, strength, and dignity. However, this philosophy is being mortified by the ones who do injustice to others in the name of Feminism.

Society is dumped into the false belief of what actually feminism is all about.  As a result, the Male member of our society is suffering a lot in silence because “anything and everything can be done in the name of feminism.” A man is not necessarily always be wrong and similarly, a woman cannot be right all the time. In the name of empowering womanhood, these pseudo feminists are inculcating bad moral and ethical values in the minds.

Feminism is a lot more and completely opposite to what pseudo feminism is.


feminism Shefali Hailsey | Author


  1. Very well written shefali. 👍 Keep it up… 😊
    Don’t stop writing dear. You have a great future. God bless you. 😇❤️

  2. You’re a great example of the feminist mind in our country proud to see you on ladders of achievement.
    तुम जैसी स्त्रियों से ही हम इस समाज की पितृसत्ता को खतम करेंगे। इसी तरह लिखती रहो और लड़ती रहो✊🏿

  3. ‘Feminism is a lot more and completely opposite to what pseudo feminism is…’what a great and noble thought it is …I’m super proud of you..!! Keep Up the Good Work…will surely be active on this platform for more such informative updates!!❤


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