Have you ever think when we choose our representative (by our right to vote) who is going to represent us in the state legislative assembly or house of people and makes laws on behalf of us. What if that, itself that person going to violates that law that makes no sense at all when we talk about the law of rule which is established by democracy.

All the drama or the political crisis of Rajasthan started with Sachin Pilot. Whose rebellion has left the congress teetering on another cliff – an edge in a matter of three months. Now let’s start our story with, who played a major role in the crisis.

Sachin Pilot

He was previously a member of the Indian Parliament for the Ajmer in 2009 and Dausa in 2004.

He served as the Minister of Cooperate Affairs in the second Manmohan Singh Ministry.

In the 2018 Legislative Assembly elections, Sachin Pilot won from Tonk seat.

Ashok Gehlot

Current Chief Minister of Rajasthan. He held this position from December 1998 to 2003, and from 2008 – 2013, and try again from December 2018.

In 1980 he contested the Lok Sabha election from Jodhpur and won by a margin of 52,519 votes.

He was appointed as the Union Minister. (In the year 1984).

This story started with these two major players who have a very fine leader in the politics of Rajasthan.

How it all Started

On 12th July 2020, around 19 members of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, as claimed by Ex-Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot, flew to Delhi after disputes between the portfolios. After the election of 2018, the Congress government came in two powers. But the disputes also started with the government, and those disputes of the department come to end with this political crisis in the state of Rajasthan.

And this drama keeps going on again Congress Party. Later, along with CM Gehlot, the other Congress leaders held a meeting for the confidence motion.

After that meeting on 14th July 2020, Sachin Pilot was removed from the post of Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan and President of Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee along with his 3 MLAs also from the post of ministers.

Arrangement of Assembly

The legislative assembly of Rajasthan has 200 seats. The minimum seats required for forming the government is 101. After the election, Congress was the largest party having 124 MLAs in support. However, after this crisis, 19 MLAs of Congress left the party. And, this also included the big leaders of Rajasthan and Deputy CM of the state Sachin Pilot. So they reduced from 124 to 105 after the 19 members left the Party. But the interesting thing is still they are the majority. This is because they are 105 in numbers and the minimum seats required are 101. But the problem is still unsolved when we are talking about Mr. Gehlot because to break 3-4 MLAs nowadays is not a big deal in current political situations.

Supreme Court, High Court, Governor, Speaker

The matter is the first approach to Rajasthan High Court when Pilot and his 18 supporters were given disqualification notices by assembly speaker CP Joshi. CP Joshi said the Pilot group is involved in anti-party activates. They are not attending the meetings of the Party. The notice was given on the request of congress chief whip who said Pilot and his supporters did not attend the party’s CLP meetings.

But, according to previous judgments of the Supreme Court, a whip applies only when the assembly is in session, and due to pandemic COVID – 19 the situation is not that allows to do the assembly. And Sachin Pilot group also argued in the court that how you can issue whip during the assembly is not in session. Therefore, the High Court ordered the speaker not to decide the disqualification notices. Instead, he had issued to the group of 19 lawmakers led by Sachin Pilot.

But, the matter is going more interesting when the Speaker CP Joshi moves to Supreme Court filing a special leave petition (SLP) against High Court Order giving breathe to Pilot camp.

Moreover, in that petition, the Speaker also stated that the High Court order violated the ‘Kihoto Hollohan’ case decided by the Supreme Court in 1992. In the case of ‘Kihoto Hollohan’ a constitutional bench expressly held that the court cannot interdict the speaker from proceeding ahead at the quia timet stage.

Now, Gehlot sends to Kalraj Mishra Governor of state to start a new assembly session from July 31.

This is all the Rajasthan Political Crisis which continues to date.


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