“The foundation of education is to be laid in religion as education without religion has no virtue and liberty without virtue is a bane.”

Religion and Education are humankind’s two most historic aspects of life having interrelationships.

An era before, the residents of Buddhists, monks, maulvis, and monasteries were the most learned society. The caste system used to be the basic filter for education in India. No one cared about their ability to acquire knowledge.

But, in the present time, students from all commodities gain knowledge from the same platform. There are still some regions facing this discrimination. But, the ratio is still better. This happened because of the religious virtue gained during education and understanding religion’s correct roots.

In Vedas, there are three words namely VIDYA (education), VEDA (religion), and VARNA (caste). Meaning, education to everyone. Article 21A is a fundamental right which provides free and compulsory education of all children in the age group of 6-14 (Right to education).

Education takes you closer to god in a defined way of life. They work to build a society with cultures and norms and of higher religious values. A society of broadened education platform where justice, virtues, and liberty be free and breathe.


religion Ananya Agarwal




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