In this ever-growing world, our country has reached a culmination in all the assorted tasks but there are some loopholes that make India still a developing country and one such loophole is STATUS & RIGHTS OF SINGLE WOMEN AND ISSUES FACED BY THEM. In this era of democracy when the constitution of our country provides equality among everyone as per article 14 but do we really feel this is the reality?

No, women of our country are still dominated against men and especially the single women who decide not to marry are very much exploited and victimized in our country. These single women are considered as bad lucks in the ceremonies of the family especially in marriages. The basic assumption people make for these women is that maybe she is not able to conceive a baby or she must be having any sort of biological issue, or maybe she is not adjustable, she must be a prostitute who is handling so many men. Yes, exactly this is the thinking of our society towards these single women.

Single women are those bold ladies who want to live their life as per their aspirations and not just for the mere satisfaction of society. We have seen in every situation, women sacrificing for the sake of their families, and what is wrong now, if she wants to live her life as she wants, being independent, not wanting a man to feed her, support her, not wanting children, maybe she wants to adopt one, what is wrong in that? From the beginning women are fighting for their rights, their respect, right from treating here as a property of men, then from raping her, nothing has changed maybe because of this thing some women decide to stay single through her life, so for change whether the society accepts this or not she should stand strong for herself.

  • The first and foremost challenge these women face in this male-dominated society is that of the protection. Especially physically, we all are aware of crimes against women are on the peak. The scariest of them is that of rape. Such single ladies are more prone to such crimes and sexual harassment.
  • The next challenge these women go through is that of a psychological one. One which causes them to go into depression and other mental issues.
  • Her character assassination starts. Society treats her badly. They talk and comment on her character.
  • Another issue which women face is the inferiority complex.

To curb this situation the government should make endeavours to overcome these situations. So that the citizens of our country become open-minded. Here I am not being pseudo-feminist rather trying to explain what women face in her life. Being single is not a stigma it is a lifestyle. It is a choice that we all must appreciate. In this democratic world, everyone has the right to choose. Do whatever he or she wants, or have relationships with anyone or not marrying at all. Being single should be taken seriously. She is capable to live her life alone. That is possible only when women themselves take their stand.



single women Malika Lalit | UPES, Dehradun


  1. Great work.
    “Stand for yourself” has become a necessity. People just have a misconception that women are the minority and they can be crushed or suppressed but the ultimate truth is they do have a right to live and be treated equally. I hope your work ignites that fire within them and help them be vocal.

  2. Excellent
    Being single is a woman’s choice
    It tough especially in the Indian society
    But things are changing
    We just can’t dominate them forever 🙏
    I personally believe that there should be more law to
    Help single women & especially women’s who want to be single Mothers 🙏

  3. Great piece of work, the line you quoted
    “Single women are those bold ladies who want to live their life as per their aspirations and not just for the mere satisfaction of society” took all my attention. Commendable efforts


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