‘Not every cage is there to protect us, some are there to kill us.’

 Humans fail to understand what’s more dangerous getting caged or setting themselves free and running life until it cost one?

We as humans keep animals for slaughtering them, for treating them as a household fancy product, for our business and benefits and the list is endless.

As a six-year-old kid, we are told not to touch animals as they may harm us but we are unknown to the fact that animals themselves are scared for their lives.

Humans beings are killing humanity itself you want to know how? let’s discuss-

Uses of animals for business-

We provide them food and shelter; we provide them home and rooms. In return, we expect that they should meet us with good quality milk, wool, food, behavior loyalty and everything that a man should do would be same performed by those innocent animals who have their own species, languages, origin, and region but they don’t have the right to speak or express.

Because they just simply can’t do it!

  1. We have been harsh on them for ages, without realizing how spiteful we all have become in order to earn profits we overlook things that need acknowledgments, we torture them, spam them, treat them as if they are like no one to us and sometimes we just kill them.

That’s how an animal retires from its services.

  1. They gave us the right to fulfill our style statements by expensive cloth material, they gave us the way to travel around the world throughout emergencies. But they are just the source of endless picture clicking sessions. We see people loving their pets at the same time they have no affection towards the ones who have no homes to save them. We believe that animals are more wild creatures no one would dare to come across, but poor us don’t know humans as an army has threatened these species to become wild to this extent.

What animals want from us?

 1. These species are now becoming just another headlines of the newspapers that turn into a fire at one point and then into a sheathe other time.

2. These animals need a little care, respect, affection, and a voice that could speak for them, we as humans can become that immortal voice of those innocents if we pledge to. We need to clear our facts about them that they harm us because we hurt them. They cheat us because we beat them. They are a bane to us because we did nothing as such that can be boon to them.


 ‘Loving animals means loving all animals, not just the ones who we share our homes with’! Let’s create a world that is free-spirited, a home for all animals, a lifestyle that can change not only us but animals to. Where animals and humans are connected by the heart. And their souls are feed like angels. We are responsible for building up a society where animals should connect to us, not by scars. They should feel the need to be protected and loving towards us as well. That is only possible if we combine our efforts to persevere what’s ours, and contribute to making a change by accepting those little creatures as a part of our society and as a part of our mother earth!


shubhangi mishra Shubhangi Mishra



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