Yes, she’s beautiful. She’s beautiful not because she has the prettiest eyes in the world, but because she sees good in everything. Yes, she’s beautiful not because she has those beautiful lips, but because those lips always offered prayers for everyone. Yes, she’s beautiful not because she got that fair skin, but because she never discriminated against people on caste and creed.
Yes, she’s beautiful not because she has those smooth hands, but because those hands were always raised for help towards needy! Yes, she’s beautiful not because she’s got that slender body, but because she is always the guiding angel for her family. Yes, she’s beautiful not because she had the shimmer in her eyes and glow in her skin, but because she has the heart that cares, a heart that accepts, a heart that respects.

Why is she, SHE?

Yes, she is beautiful because generosity is within her, nourished with etiquette. Yes, she’s beautiful not because her physical features have the taste of superiority, but she has the spice of “Humanity”. She is a typical homemaker, but she is a complete mini Microsoft office within her. She hesitates to open up but at the same time knows to stands for herself adamantly. She speaks up for the stereotypes devotee but never forgets to bow down her head for Supreme. She is a technology pro but still craves for learning more. She wears no makeup but still has the ravishing glow, her blusher, her contour, her glitter, is all her confidence that shows.

She’s Durga, she’s Kali, she is the ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

She is not a mere one-day celebration. She is the festival. She is not an auctionable property she is the Owner. She is an essential pillar, the significant wheel, the creator, the guardian light of the youth. The pseudo-feminist is not only the woman who knows to fight for her rights. She is not someone who fears no one but for the one who’s born to lead. She is sensitive but strong. Has calmness but fierce. Has the power of fire and coolness of mist.  The one who knows when to say, when to control.

SHE is the one without whom our HE is incomplete.


she is beautiful Sakshi Mishra



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