Silence, nowadays in this modern life is a feeling that people are deprived of. Since the modern world is emerging, the urbanization is also boosting up. This promotes noise pollution which in the result is making the people so busy in their lives that they forget to enjoy themselves to the fullest, it’s making the generation noisier and clumsier towards the environment.

In this mental dilemma, the people are getting worst in expressing feelings, in knowing the environment and people. However, being a silent person portrays you to be “Dark” in feelings, to be negative, abnormal, that people like to avoid in their lives. But in reality, silence helps people to communicate in a more proper way. It can help you in being a good listener and advisor to society.

There’s a phrase that says “Silence is better than words” which states that it makes you observe your environment, your things more carefully, it gives you the strength of being patience. Patience towards the situation. The patience of listening makes you a good and wise person. Being silent gives you the vision of purity and calmness towards our inner selves. It also helps you to learn, learn to avoid things that aren’t necessary to you and your life. Being silent doesn’t mean that you are anti-social or anti-lover. However, it gives you a probability to be more creative towards your idea.


Silence makes you avoid gossips, rumours, it makes you an anti-gossip personality. It always gives you the ability to observe more people and to observe your environment. It helps you in being careful and aware of the environment and people around you, which will make you a better person ahead. Hence silence is one of the ways to live your life happily and enjoy yourselves to the fullest.


silence Pragati Verma


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