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Nowadays, the ways of people’s interaction and communication have been taken up by technology. Technology has become an essential asset in everybody’s life.

Technology together along with social media has invaded everyone’s life like a virus. Though, it has enabled us to use to communicate with mankind from far off areas while distancing us from nearby ones.

Impact of social media in relations

Relationships with close people have weakened, as everyone is busy on mobiles chatting with friends across the borders. Social networking sites have merits and demerits varying according to the circumstances and needs.

For instance, a bunch of friends hanging out with each other at a place don’t seem to talk to each other, while posting pictures on social media, commenting over there, talking to persons from different countries. Consequently, loosening their friend circle. It’s not with one individual, each one of us is under a similar influence.

Ties among family members have been weakened, nobody takes out spare time for family get-togethers in fact instead of wishing birthdays or good wishes at festivals in person, they post it on Facebook or Instagram with a bunch of pictures and emojis owing to the fact that it’s trendy and cool.

“The bitter reality is social media and fakeness has taken over reality.”

Problems associated with social sites

Besides, the perks that social sites hold, they also bring forth lots of crimes, mishaps and hacking. Notifying about each and everything that you are doing, travelling, feeling, posting about your whereabouts, the location might call for thieves, enemies or criminals might trace you. One might blackmail you. Knowing that parents are travelling abroad, someone might come afterwards to kidnap the child or to steal and much more things could happen.

Media and social networking sites have made communication, business, marketing, news updates, getting opinion and counselling from people, learning new things and finding everything online has made life much feasible and easier.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a luxury, built for our congenial and assistance. Its use is quite sustainable and healthy if you do it in a moderate range. Do keep a check on your kids while they are using computers as there are many games. Some sites can put ill thoughts in their minds, coercing them prone to social disasters and damage.

“Social media and technology are a blessing with a huge amount to pay for”.

Author: Chanchal Maheswari


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