We are living amid the unprecedented times which is unparalleled to any known chapters of history. It is a truism that the “change is the only constant” which we as a “Human Species” are entitled to expect from nature. We are able to see the difference between the day and the night, between the light and the dark, between the woods and the land but we were unable to see the change it is creating in our lives. Humans are gifted with the wits of gods which is known to do marvels like buildings boats to travel on the water to building rockets to reach the moon. We left no stone unturned to create a mark on this planet that we are alive and we are evolving.

Forgotten responsibilities

We were evolving so fast that we ‘humans’ forgot that we are not the only species present on this planet. As humans, we are so busy feeding our greed that we forgot that we have to feed others too. Nature does not owe anything to us but we definitely do have a responsibility to preserve it and take care of it like our own childlike it is taking care of us for centuries.

We humans who have the gift of conscience to get ahead of all the existing species ended up being one amongst them. We believed that we are living according to the rules of the jungle that are to “kill or to be killed”. And we were killing and we were dominating too not just the species which do not relate to us but also the very species which is supposed to hold hand in hand and move forward with this time affectionately.

We choose to go the other way around. A path of hate instead that of love. Humans cut trees in the name of a business. Even people are murdered in the name of color or creed. And, we choose to turn a blind eye to everything which was supposed to grow with us instead of getting exploited.

The need for co-existence

We forgot the concept of co-existence and all that it needed was a microscopic organism to remind us that we are not alone and we are not infallible. There exists a quote in Mein Kampf which says “The person who attempts to fight the iron logic of nature thereby fights the principles. He must thank his life as a human being. To fight against nature is to bring about one’s own destruction”[1]. It feels like these words have come alive and nature is back to claim its place. It’s back to remind us that at the end of the day we are just humans with limitations and boundaries which need to be respected and which needs to be followed.

The power of Solidarity

Now the life of humans who already lacked joy is craving more for it. We ‘Humans’, who left no land to be conquered have become prisoners of ourselves. Now, we are locked in our rooms to prevent ourselves from not get exposed to that virus. In the hope that one day some vaccines would come which will end all the sufferings, we remain silent.

NORMAL? Maybe for many of us, things will get back to normal, but we really need to ask, what is this NORMAL? Is killing Normal? Is exploitation normal? do we deserve Normal? should we demand and be happy with the status quo? or should we accept the change which this virus has created by replenishing nature? By teaching us that we are not alone; then we really can create a world in which nobody is left behind. This sounds utopia but we can at least look for change, we can at least speak for change, or at least we can just try for a change. A better chance. And come out as solidarity. Solidarity would be strong enough to not just defeat this COVID 19 but any negative thing which harms the wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest depicts that we humans are ahead of every living being. Not because we are most intelligent but because we are most adaptive to change. We need to acknowledge the power that we share with one another. And, hope for the best which future holds for us. In the end, I want to remind you that at the bottom of Pandora’s box lies hope. Hope is a good thing; maybe the best of the thing to which we can cling to and create a better tomorrow.

[1] Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf


Rohit Srivastava Rohit Srivastava


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