Nature created a man on a higher level of knowledge and efficiency. Nature has granted a man with the power of thinking, changing, and observing. But the modern ruthless human being is violating every specie, every gift of nature. Let’s be the voice of others.

Human Violating Human

Since the start of the 20th century, nature has witnessed the most uncivilized behaviour of civilized man. This superior creature has stolen the freedom of speech, liberty, rights, and personal security. From #Metoo to #BlackLivesMatter, nature is laughing at these masked human beings. The one group is fighting against the human brutality while the other group is surviving the brutality. Every powerful is looking down the weak. Hence, the man is violating his own rules.

Human Violating Nature

The power has made the man forget nature, which has played a part in blooming him. The marvelous beauty on the earth and under the ground has irreversibly damaged due to human observations. All the forests have transformed into cities. And the rest of the trees are killed by the smoke of the pollution of human-made cities. There are proves that a man has made an irreversible loss to nature.

Human Violating Fauna

The human injustice is crossing all the limits. This tyranny has touched the innocent animals too. From the killing of the innocent pregnant elephant to the caged animals in the zoo, their eyes speak a lot. Which law has given the right to human beings to bind the animals in the cage, to snatch their freedom, to take their lives? There is nothing to say that the man is a wild animal who has the freedom to do anything anywhere, and there is no one to stop him.


Every discussion has a conclusion. This discussion may not affect the lives of the entire creature, but it may touch the heart of anyone who reads. I’m sure that this article would leave some signs on someone’s mind, and that person will try to provide his part as a civilized human being, not as a free wild animal. Give your part and raise the voice for the weak human who has right but can’t utilize, for the unspeakable nature, for the innocent animals. Let’s speak for those who cannot.


nature Komal Iqbal


  1. It’s great you bring light to where the actual problem lies. We humans violating the limits. Agreed. Keep up the good work 🖒

  2. I respect your words…!
    But i think its a baseless discussion beacuse every human knows his every single deed he is doing with any creature in this credulity that no one keeps his eyes on him. We should not render the humans of this era merely by saying you are full of flaws.The need is to look upon that flaws and engage them and give them the solution with practically intriguing our own self in this matter to set a way out for them..!
    This is my personal reviews.Someone can disagree with me but that is just other judgment,no bstter or worse,you might say,then mine.

  3. Perfectly described MashaAllah… 💯 Agreed with each and every word that you’ve mentioned… 👍👍🌻🦋👑💫✨💖

  4. Perfect… Its really a nice concept… We must take stand for them… You raised a good point…
    Nice work komal


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