Suicide, an act by which one takes their own life is one of the major and leading causes of death. A human being in order to lead a good and healthy life should have good mental health. One’s mental health should be really calm and happy. In order to lead a stable life and a healthy long life, humans should not only consider satisfying their lives but even should give proper care to their mental health. There are many reasons which affect the mental health of the human and at the end, they are left with no option and feel so helpless they decide to take their own lives by themselves. This can be also termed as suicidal behavior where the humans who deal with the hardships of life tend to take their own life under pressure, stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Even if someone tries to communicate their feelings or try to seek a psychologist for therapy they are termed as mental or insane if they seek medical assistance. Suicide in this society is not considered a problem by many people and people are of the opinion that they can handle this very easily and are using suicide excuses to escape from the problems of life. Some people who are not so vulnerable get into the stage of bad mental health and even comes out of it on their own. Some even take medical assistance like concerning a psychologist, taking anti-depression pills or pills to sleep.


A person trying to commit suicide can arise from various reasons which disturb the mental health of the person very badly that she does not desire to live and rather than quit living by killing themselves. There are even various signals which lead a person to commit suicide and the major reason is DEPRESSION. The other reasons for a person to commit suicide are as follows:


It is an unhealthy mental state of an individual where they feel very hopeless and as a loser about the things happening in their lives and lose the desire to live rather than kill themselves. The pain in their lives overtakes the will of them and in short, this leads to depression. Extreme success available at early life is also a cause of depression cause if a person gets successful by extremely hard work, practice and determination they have to maintain that position in the society and the pressure to maintain or one-time failure like always a topper in class one day come second can be a major reason for that topper child. Even extreme failure can result in a person being depressed as the causes are natural the failure or thought of being unsuccessful or so much competition can cause the same.

Such people should be treated normally as they are even a part of this society and should be treated with love and they should be treated equally as any other human in this society. Humans who deal with depression have the highest chances of committing suicide.


These humans’ inner voice always command them for self-destruction and not to fight with their problems and lead a better time. These people are harder to handle than depressed people. They often have the problem of schizophrenia which is when people think that they are being attacked by someone when even it is not true and in order to protect themselves they even defend themselves which sometimes causes harm to the other person. These people should be handled with care and given full care attention so they don’t end up harming themselves or anyone else.  Such psychotic humans tend to take their own lives by committing suicide in fear that they would be attacked or maybe in an assumption.


The impulsive people are a major victim of substance abuse where they are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Some incidents in the past or maybe one-time consumption of such substances makes them addicted as they cannot handle their battles by themselves and rely on such substances to feel fine and get rid of it. These people forget that such things would only help them for a particular point-on of time and getting addicted to such substances would not only make them addicted but also affect their overall health where they are prone to permanent disability, absence mind, or even the worst death. And dealing with such addiction can even make them lose their lives by committing suicide.


Some humans who can’t fight their battles on their own or who cry to call for help from others at times end up taking their own life by committing suicide. Such people try to alert the other members by calling them out for help or giving them some signals that they are mentally disturbed and prone to commit suicide. Even small children who fight with their parents for instance try to harm themselves by doing something stupid like overdoing of pills without knowing the consequences and at times end of taking their life down. There are some people who have a desire to die are the most vulnerable who end up taking their lives by committing suicide.

Some people who suffer from any chronic disease or extremely serious illness end up committing suicide thing that they will die very soon so it is better to commit suicide and not deal with all the pain of that chronic disease.


There are some humans who are under the guilt of committing some mistake or even any crime end up taking down their own lives as they cannot face others with tat guilt all the time. In case of commission of an offense, they think sooner or later they would be punished so in order to escape the punishment they end up committing suicide by killing themselves at one shot. The guilt and anger in these people take such a big space that they end up killing themselves.


Suicide the unhealthy mental state of a human where they end up killing themselves attracts the legal provisions as prescribed by the specific act and code. Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 prescribes an attempt to commit suicide. The section deals with the punishment which is imprisonment for a term of 1 year or a fine or both. The law in Article 21 of the Indian Constitution Act, 1949 says that the person has a right to life and its protection. So in some cases, it was argued that the person right to life not only belongs to them but to the state as well.

These humans who are already mentally unstable are sent to prisons and are mingled with the criminals wherein they should be given proper treatment and a good motive to lead life. Criminalizing suicide is not wrong but punishing like those of other criminals would only result in bad health of such people and their will to live would slowly disappear rather they should explain the value of life and how to lead a good and healthy life. Suicide is a psychotic problem and not a crime so such individuals should be dealt as if they are the criminals. They should be treated with proper care and therapies.

There are many suicidal helplines but the response from them is not so up to mark hence state government should take steps to make such people seek these helplines so they don’t end up in taking their own li8fe and rather aims to live a better and healthy life.


A society that tends to make a family for all those living together does not treat mental health with a good attitude. They consider that a person who is not happy and not mentally healthy is weak and treat them as an abnormal person which only motivates such people to try to take down their own life.  More than half of the youth have tried to take their lives at some point in their lives. Such people should take help from therapies or by consulting a psychologist so that they lead a better life ahead. In the opinion of society going to therapy terms one as mental so people are scared to share and these suicidal thoughts take such a big space that they end up taking their lives.

Everyone is not similar to those who are sensitive towards the problem should be dealt with a good and positive healthy rather than making them feel abnormal about themselves. These people should know that running away from problems or taking down their own lives was and will never be a solution rather dealing with them would help them in a better manner. They should discuss these problems with their closed and loved ones and some who cannot seek a psychologist. This would not only lessen the burden of dealing with mental problems but even in finding a solution. They should realize problems are temporary they come and disappear within some point of time but committing suicide would not bring them back ever to normal.


Snigdha Singhi Snigdha Singhi | Amity Law School, Noida


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