As it is rightly said by Ratan Tata “If you come out as a survivor this year, then you are a winner” Indeed the sprawled pandemic has bought us to such a state that mere survival is the most profitable thing one can think of. But one needs to perceive that this situation of humans today is the repercussion of the age-long atrocities towards our mother nature. Man has done way too much of brutality on nature. As a result, we humans are trapped inside 4 walls and our nature is on a healing process.

Recent Studies

A recent study has shown that Big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc have a drop-in Air Pollution of about 40% -50%. This has been possible because nowadays due to pandemic. People have stopped pumping various pollutants in the atmosphere through their vehicles. Thus, the sky is breathing the purest form of air nowadays.

However, another study has shown that the scientist has identified an atmospheric region that has the cleanest air on the earth, in the first study of its kind. They have found that the region in the Southern Ocean remains unchanged by humans related activities i.e. free from aerosols or any other pollutants.

In the recent news, a European Satellite System Copernicus has found that a record-breaking hole ever observed in the ozone layer over the arctic has closed. This has been possible due to low temperatures at the north pole. Thus, the wounds of nature are filling as now the earth is healing.

The crisis situation of nature is not only a matter to ponder upon by the commoners. It has been irking the minds of the officials as well. The 46th UN World Environment Day where governments business and civil society agree to focus on a shared environmental challenge. This year’s theme is biodiversity. “Time for Nature” campaign is highlighting the importance of protecting the healthy ecosystems upon which all life depends.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, nature is the mother of all creations. And in the present-day situation our sustainer and preserver. That is, our mother nature is making humans realize their blunders by giving time to contemplate by being in solitary. But meanwhile, nature has pressed her reboot button in order to revive again and grow healthier and greener.


hritika bhattacharya Hritika Bhattacharya


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