Saturday, April 17, 2021
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father's day

In loving memory of my father | Happy Father’s Day

“In Loving Memory of My Father” From Dawn to Dusk, Noon and Eve, Moon and Sun and all the angelic creatures are about to celebrate...
baby colours

Colours of my world!

I was sitting down in front of a white paper, my fingers playfully fiddling with a pen. Waiting for the blue ink to find...
ayesha farooq

A woman with wings

Ayesha Farooq, remember the name, mates! Youthful, determined, and lionhearted, the lady is Pakistan Air Force’s, first female fighter pilot and assigned to one of...

Life | Every moment is a fresh beginning

  Life made me realize that after walking through the darkest paths under tinted black skies, you reach the brightest place. It has taught me...

Rights of single women

In this ever-growing world, our country has reached a culmination in all the assorted tasks but there are some loopholes that make India still...

When time flies, what does dreaming do?

“If you do not sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes a sacrifice.” Everyone dreams to be great and successful. We all want...

Silence has a lot to say!

  Silence, nowadays in this modern life is a feeling that people are deprived of. Since the modern world is emerging, the urbanization is also...

Colour of my thoughts

I believe that ‘human minds and souls are better portrayed with the help of colours.’ The colours...