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farmer suicide

Farmer’s suicide in India

Introduction India being an agrarian country with almost 70% of its people of the country directly or indirectly depending upon agriculture. Even after the continuous...

Suicide and its legal provisions in India

Introduction Our religions do speak of suicide as sinful and evil in nature. According to the Islamic culture, the fate of those who die of...


INTRODUCTION Suicide, an act by which one takes their own life is one of the major and leading causes of death. A human being in...

Suicide and its legal punishment in India

INTRODUCTION “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”. Ending one’s own life by themselves is termed as suicide. Sometimes, people see it as a...

All you should know about the suicide of Celebrity Manager – Disha Salian.

  Disha Salian a 28-year-old, attempted suicide leaving behind everyone in shock by jumping off from the 14th floor of Regent Galaxy Apartment in the...