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judicial review

Judicial Review and the Constitution

Introduction India as a nation propagates ‘Rule of Law’ as its ultimate philosophy to govern all its socio-economic and political dimensions. This very philosophy is...
police brutality

Police Brutality

Introduction Police brutality covers the full range of practices of the police, which do not adhere to the rule of law and the spirit of...
rath yatra

The Rath Yatra Judgement: Implications

Introduction Neither the birds fly nor sit on the dome of the temple unlike any other temple nor has any plane ever flown above it. Rath...

Rajasthan Political Crisis 2020

Introduction Have you ever think when we choose our representative (by our right to vote) who is going to represent us in the state legislative...

Transgender Person (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019

Abstract “Transgender”  is an umbrella term that describes people whose gender identity or expression does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. Thought...

Euthanasia: Right to Life v. Right to Die

Abstract: Every constitutional right is balanced with its opposite in the Indian Constitution, such as it is right to remain silent for the right to...

Basic Structure Doctrine

The doctrine of Basic Structure The Constitution of a country represents the underside norm comprising of fundamental principles, laying down the inspiration of civil society....

Plea to change India’s name to Bharat

Introduction Britishers came to India during the Mughal rule. Hindustan used to be the name for India at that time. Later Britishers named it as...