Friday, May 7, 2021
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Will COVID-19 summon the expedition of populism?

ODDS OF POPULISM: 21st century has witnessed a model change in the political trends which never had been this much synchronized around the globe. The...

Society: A closed group of people

Introduction A closed group of people who set the norms and standards of the people and their living. Ever since the advent of this close...

When Protector turns Monster

Introduction In the entire world, any time anyone is assaulted, beaten up all we do is go to the police and seek help. Now just...

Toxic Masculinity | BE THE CHANGE

Introduction So, let’s begin with the toxicity we are facing in India since the beginning. Toxic Masculinity defined best according to me is- “Show dominance...

Solidarity against the Virus

Introduction We are living amid the unprecedented times which is unparalleled to any known chapters of history. It is a truism that the "change is...
baby colours

Colours of my world!

I was sitting down in front of a white paper, my fingers playfully fiddling with a pen. Waiting for the blue ink to find...
human rights

Human Rights : A legal point of view

Humans have a core or pure essence of heart since from the time of their birth. They focus and trigger values, etiquette, priorities but...

Happy World Oceans Day

Happy world oceans day is a very important day for the oceans facing a global warning, coral reef bleaching, marine life damage and other oceans

Human Rights violation in today’s world

"The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened." Even in the 21st century when we live in a...

Silence has a lot to say!

  Silence, nowadays in this modern life is a feeling that people are deprived of. Since the modern world is emerging, the urbanization is also...