Those people who tell stories are genius. Yes, I mean if you are someone who likes to read or listen to stories can understand how marvellously they turn their own experiences and you intone, your dreams and their own intone, the happy or sad endings of the story into a lesson.

The real connection

A lesson that we attach to our own real lives. A lesson that we pass to our loved ones to make them aware as well. There are many stories of which lessons are passed on through generations. I know you have also heard a lot of them from your grandparents and parents or if you’re a parent then you have told your kids; haven’t you? It is really amazing how we start genuinely feeling like we are the part of that story. A part of that special or specific phenomenon. We find ourselves in those characters. Isn’t it so much art that even after knowing the fiction we feel that story around us in different places and scenarios we find the similarities?

If you are a reader like me who doesn’t only read the book but just get into it profoundly, and with every page turned your imaginations bring that black and white phenomenon into the colourful thoughts and every chapter read adds more colour in that fictional reality. I think we all have heard or seen at least one person that has taken a huge step by getting inspired by a story or a story of one person’s life is inspiring many people’s life. How awesome it is to know that the colours of someone’s desire make another to strive for the destination where a struggle of one’s destination makes another desire for finding their life’s destination.

Storytellers are genius

On the other hand, besides making a real person get him into a fictional character. I Believe the storytellers do another genius job as well, Guess? They create a whole new world. Whole new experience with their Imaginations and gorgeous words isn’t it? How really interesting it is to notice that these people don’t really need a picture. But with the best use of their words, they draw pictures of one very reader’s mind! The storytellers are actually the geniuses as they tell their stories that are not limited to a particular perspective. But it has so many or can be said unlimited perspective and Aspects that only depends upon the reader, how he feels, in what phase of life he is in.

And sometimes that lesson changes according to the situation in which it’s been read! So, isn’t it a genius piece of work that a story or a book with ones my story keep variating without any variations in itself? Maybe just like our lives or ourselves as we as humans from the scientific aspects only grow older. But as a person, we evolve, make mistakes, learn lessons, get experiences. It keeps moulding and shaping ourselves with growing older. The stories as well keep changing its aspects as many hands it keeps travelling no?!

Final Thoughts

We all are our own stories, different to different people. Having various ways of thinking. Different aspects, and viewpoints for different things. Having so many emotions and feelings. Wherewith the same body we keep changing from one person to another,

The storytellers are geniuses maybe because they know that every human is a story. It’s not only us who find ourselves in stories but stories find them in ourselves as well. And they make a master mix of all these ingredients of dreams, experiences, imaginations, emotions, and inspirations for the best conclusion. The stories that make us a bit more ourselves!

Author: Shivangi Srivastava


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