People all over the world are witnessing the world’s biggest catastrophe. A novel Coronavirus is a form of the epizootic virus. To date the Covid-19 is affecting 213 countries around the world, we have more than 6,485,814 cases and 383,164 deaths along with 30,089,894 recovered cases which are not even half of the cases which have been reported.

On 22 March 2020, our central government took important decisions to have some control over the disease. It is spreading at a rapid rate. A nationwide lock-down was declared which is also impacting our environment.

There is a great effect of coronavirus, what I believe is that apart from causing an almost insuperable problem, we are also blessed as it has given us a clean atmosphere, fresh air with up to 40 per cent reduction in pollution level and freedom from noise pollution. As a result of lock-down in our country, we are now able to experience better air quality and also there is a reduction in atmospheric particulate matter.

The discharge of all the wastage from industries like chemical pollutants is no more. With the reduction in the industrial activities, the water quality of the Ganga and the Yamuna has improved. It has now it has more dissolved oxygen and less nitrate concentration.

During this lock-down humans are sheltering in their homes. However, animals are on the roads freely. Not to forget the marine animals on coasts.

But we cannot enjoy all these temporary changes forever because these are results of compelling lock-down under the menaces of a pandemic outbreak.


environment Ashra Fatima



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