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Humans have always been identified as the biggest creatures who have developed various technically smart Gadgets and through their discoveries have always surpassed in all the fields. Over the years, we have been witnessing that through the high tech inventions our human race has conquered almost each and every category. But once in our lifetime, we all must have thought of the idea as to, what if humans Turn to a system?.

We all must have given wings to our thoughts on this topic whenever we would have come across a tough task for that matter, we would have thought that if humans also update their software like any other application or gadget, life would have been as smooth as butter and as easy as nursery Rhyme. So, let’s go down to a fancy world imagining an era, where people’s brain function like any other supercomputer or an awesome application equipped with the smartest Android iOS or any other latest version for that matter.

What if Humans turn to a machine?

Had humans replaced artificial intelligence, it would have been easy for them to add or remove or copy and paste, people, memories, and incidents from their life. Imagine a life where you can just ALT + F4 to switch off the entire overthinking brain cells of your body or a situation where you can just CTRL+ P in your exams without even learning. This way the entire world would have secured merit. Approach to any field would have been so easy and everybody would have secured a hundred percent results!!

Just think of a place where you can DEL any of the situations or scenarios. If so, I guess 2020 would have never existed and I bet, that everyone would have restored their factory settings and things would have been falling into place without any further ado. The series of beautiful moments would have been stored in the form of presentations and decision-making would never have been a matter of perplexing circumstances and people would have easily navigated through their thought processes.

Impact of the situation

Heavy makeup brands wouldn’t have survived and filters would have impressed the typical fashionista out there! Alexa would have been everybody’s cup of tea and people would have been talking in terms of apps and icons. Yoga and meditations would have been replaced by updating and downloading, whereas people would look like aluminium structures and metalled bodies with 48Mp, eye vision and our head would have been a constant antenna.

The entire world would have been a closed group of WLAN network jamming and clubbing everywhere. Instead of medicines and pills, there would have been channelized antivirus software and hospitals would have been transformed into service centres. Generation gap would have been a matter of latest Android Jelly Beans and  Nokia Asha would have been the senior citizen of the country. The elite classes would have been termed as one plus and the iPhone and the middle-class people would have been termed as Redmi and Vivo. Agricultural fields would be used for high power generators and the entire nation would have been boxed in black and silver covers.

The world is STONED!

Isn’t it strange, that if we would have been such systems like that, we would have been achieved anything and everything? From travelling to the past to going to space things have been so much simplified that a click of a button would have been enough to kill anyone no points in striking a bullet. No pains of any heinous weapons! The entire world would have been monitored within the reachable zones of all and the distance could have been shortened to a limit beyond a person’s expectation. Everything would have been at the doorstep, perfect life for a sloth to live in, a perfect live dream of every lethargic, lazy teenager, but,  we are the craziest creations, we are humans!

We would have made lifestyle easy being computers but It wouldn’t have been life worthy of the living. Computers are smart and really unbeatable in all aspects of life but it lacks emotions, happiness, and sense of sorrows and Greives. Had we been computers we would not have enjoyed the youth, the happiness of the first job, the merrymaking and glee of those moments that became the cherry on the top for us!.

We would have been a caged robot, a plastic that could easily be discarded by any time and every time. The machine would always be a machine no matter to what extent life Has been the simplest but life is great when it’s extraordinary and that is what is the purpose of humans. Machines can’t act on their own, humans are free to do! Machines work on somebody else’s order but humans work on their own terms and condition and that what makes them different!

A reflection of the Human within you!

Humans have emotions, they have feelings, they too have tears, they have happiness, they have sorrows, they have Greed and they have everything that Is abstract and that which makes them different from all the creatures in the world. And that which God has sent for a purpose that is humans and they are the smartest Creations but are not meant for shortcuts. Artificial Technology at some point in time has replaced mankind to a level. However, it can never replace mankind in terms of sympathy in terms of empathy in terms of that emotional support which one needs.

Within the Course of time, we have been engaged within our mobile screens and within the world of our virtual living. We find happiness in our virtual existence but also happiness is not only in virtual things that is something beyond virtuality. It is something that is there in the US, it is something that we feel from within and that is the only thing that connects one human to another. It is something that we can express, that we can live. Is something that even connects music, connects dance. It is something that the entire Universe Is searching for and is interrelated to others. Happiness is one’s own imperfection and that has been witnessed in the US! Although a lot has been achieved through our ongoing technical advancements, still there’s a lot that is satisfactory only when done in a weird way.

Today’s Myth and Reality

So, it’s good to have shortcuts. It’s good to have perfection with Us. It’s good that we have calculators, it’s good that we have all sorts of technical exposures, it’s good that we have systems, computers, word processes and what not! And the list is up to Infinity!.

But it’s best when we have humans around! With the advancements, we are so much prone to these technicalities that we have centred our world around it!. Somewhere or the other, we are turning ourselves to those Silver boxes which are packed in a room of their own created cobwebs of technologies. People who are not willing to look beyond the line of the virtual media either through the internet or through the created range of WIFI borders inside us.


Let’s be the people the purpose for which we’ve been created!. The people who live in the heart of each other. That is, be the people who live for each other, the people who can stand for each other. Be the person who can be with and beside people. Let’s not limit ourselves to selfies and posts only. Together let us extend our hands for help offline too!! Let’s not be like machines, just moving around for their own purpose. Let us be sensitive humans surviving for mankind. It’s good that we have Technologies but it’s great that we have humans because the world needs humans who understand people and their sentiments. We don’t need systematic boxes operating over cell batteries and running over orders and commands.

Let’s fee ourselves from the plastic Modals and step out to realities,

The world needs the magic of abstract buttons of Sharing love outside the four walls of our gadgets!!


Sakshi Mishra Sakshi Mishra | Editor


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