“Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”

Putting forth this view, the potency of the fact remains questionable. The largest democracy in the world makes it uneasy with all the Langerhans to provide justice. Be it the Dalit murder, increased number of crimes, and many other similar cases.  How pertinent is to ask the reiterated question of when. When will the law and administration do the needful soon? Polarizing animal brutalities or the rabble of shut down cases. The authorities stake high-end forums to queue the victims. Is it fair? fair enough! Rabindranath Tagore dreamt of a new country quoting his profound words-” where the mind is without fear, where the head is held high, into that heaven of freedom let my country awake”.

Have we achieved this dream in the real sense or just bantering the propaganda? Or supporting the ones greasing their pockets? It’s the test of times that make us realize how ignorant were we. So, my words rest not the case!

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Assam Fire Incident

Assam fire incident is a highly relatable context since it was just a result of human error. All that could be quoted the outrage that the fire has caused is exasperating. It has grasped more than a few acres of forests; the oil company is just being ‘suspected’ for now. Freedom of speech has given an awful sense to the youth. Is it at the expense of someone’s life? Safoora Zarkar the pregnant woman behind the bars, just because she was being opinionated. How ironic is the scenario undeniable but had to face? Since we aren’t ready to break the stereotypes. Ranging from the cases north to the down south. Brutality met with the elephants, had all hail going via social media but nothing at all in reality. Just half a bit could do wonders on so-called law machinery.

The polarization takes its toll when the authorities turn their deaf ears to – there are around 99% sexual assaults that take place every 15 minutes. About 80% goes unreported, owing to societal pressures and the so-called reputation of the families. The ones reported are so embarrassing at questioning for the victims. The shock is that the cases are high for the ones below the age of 18 years, include mostly children, infants, and toddlers. It’s a blot of shame on people who malign their conscience.

Levels of Injury

The injury isn’t physical but psychological that etches deep down in head, A person finds it highly uncomfortable talking about it, overcoming the mental trauma, and braving the pain. If one can’t help lawfully but can surely provide emotional support, as this is rarity most sought after quality. It is highly ironic that we’re sitting back in homes and the crime rates are declining to a noticeable extent. Feeble was the cry of the small girl asking for help, that was faded in the ode to the devour of hopelessness. All but some intelligentsia remaining quiet and all suffer, at the hands of primitive rules.

The ungratified desires paired up with unmatched levels of unemployment gives rise to a hike in the crime rates. Expressing undue concern for the crumbling economy would be all futile. Since funds have been raised from the international institutions and banks as well. Still, people are being given futile affirmation of some transformations in the educational, social, financial, and sports sectors. Whenever the authorities are being put to debate in the lower house, the topic is wholly changed or whatsoever opposition party members are being made fun of. Nothing productive has turned out so far, except for democracy being in awful danger. The concept of laissez-faire is more dominant in our economy. As the rich become richer, the poor will become poorer.

That striking difference is hard to lineate. Seems like two transversals. Cases shut, dropped statistics, and a questionable authority; what more can be put forthwith. It would be highly commendable on the part of bought media, that how nuisances are entertained and highlighted.

Misinterpretation by Social Media

Social media has played a vital role in this context. Fake news and rumours spread among the people very fast. Via WhatsApp groups and more. People now overlook reality because they are living in the virtual world. At times they suffer from FOMO – FEAR OF MISSING OUT, this instinct gives a click every moment to check phones off and on. The cons have overridden pros. Ranging right from sexting, photoshopping, sexually explicit content, promotion of nudity, and pornography. Surprisingly this has consumed teenagers in it. Adults are less prone to it. But early teens, flush, and outbursts of emotions make adolescents crave external approval. This has laid them in dire straits, they can go to any extent in want for that attention. This needs an urgent check. Cyber police are more vigilant in investigating.


The aforementioned information has given in-depth content into the ongoing scenario. Working at our levels to play our part as individuals would be way better than waiting for some outer preferences. Spreading awareness is the need of the hour. Whilst street plays, seminars, expo, and orientation programs in schools and colleges. On the topics ranging from sex education, cyberbullying, talking more about consent, promoting communication, and so on. These awareness programs will do more than enough for sorting the youth, emotionally and psychologically. Thereby giving out healthy-minded people who strive to give their best in all spheres, whatever work they are assigned with.


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